5 Favourable Factors For Nokia To Return To The Indian Market !

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Nokia India

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      The market news today belongs to Nokia, who once upon a time ruled the Indian mobile markets. Sadly, with the emergence of android phones and the iphones, they fell back in the race and eventually dissapeared !

      But guess what?

      They are all set to make a comeback ! That too in the Indian smartphone market !

      JustInReviews lists down the factors that would boost the return of this telecom giant.

      1. The Android Partnership:

      Nokia declared at MWC that its upcoming smartphones will run the purest type of Android that many fans love. A considerable measure of telephone brands, e.g. Xiaomi which is enormously popular in India, run their own particular OS versions over Android, along these lines diluting the spotless Android experience — which Nokia is wagering enthusiastic about.

      Nokia could well turn into the new Nexus telephones, which too kept running on stock Android and offered quick OS updates to users. Every one of the three Nokia phones will be compatible on Android 7.0 out of the box. Just around 1 percent of the world’s cell phones are doing that now.

      1. Launching Time:

      Business experts trust that Nokia’s newer releases couldn’t have come at a superior time, at any rate in the Indian market. The cell phone industry will experience a tax re-jig following the usage of GST in July. In spite of the fact that it is trusted that cell phone costs will descend post-GST, a few brands would need to return to their valuing. A few products would fall under the tax slab of 12 %, however, some top notch ones like iPhones could be taxed 18 % or more.

      1. A Brand Recall Affair:

      Everybody has known about Nokia. Truly everybody. It is generally said that if Maruti was the first car Indians at any point drove, Nokia was their first cell phone possession, they’d ever utilized. There is tremendous brand acknowledgment and dejavu for Nokia, likely unmatched amongst its associates. Everybody recollects the 3310 strikingly. “Snake” is thought back about in social affairs still. The trademark Nokia ringtone is identifiable even from a distance. Nokia isn’t simply famous, it is an icon of sorts.


      1. Hot mid-level Market:

      Nokia 3 (Rs. 9,499), Nokia 5 (Rs. 12,899) and Nokia 6 (Rs. 14,999) fall in the mid budget category, which is the quickest developing portion of the market in India. The 8-10K price slab is developing at 77 percent quarter-on-quarter, while the 10-15K one recorded a 50 percent quarterly development, as per a report from Counterpoint Research.

      1. A Solid Distribution Network:

      Indeed, even before the phones went to the market for sale, Nokia had got on its board, 400-odd distributors and more than 80,000 retailers crosswise over small and big cities. It has set up its post-sale service units in more than 300 cities. Ordinarily, a brand would take 2-3 years to fabricate such a strong distribution network. Yet, Nokia did that in just a couple of months!

      It is just difficult to disregard the emotional value connected with brand Nokia, particularly in India. Thus, getting rack space or consideration could never be an issue, despite the fact that vendors may profit on per item sold.

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