Factors Behind Amul’s Success As A Brand !

There would probably be no one who does not know Amul. At least in India. What a success story for this “utterly butterly” brand ! Truly deserves an international recognition.

As a part of JustInReviews business review, we will be seeing here, top 5 key factors behind the brand’s success.

  1. Strong Brand:

Amul takes after the Branded House Architecture way, wherein whatever they advance; they promote it under one catchy brand name – Amul. The prime concentrate is on promoting the parent brand as opposed to singular products which results them acquire increased brand visibility and results in lesser advertising and publicizing costs.

  1. Unique Advertising Campaign:

The Amul girl is the publicizing mascot utilized by the brand to promote. The brand has been keenly utilizing the toon figure in its longest running ad campaign, to impart a component of humour into its print advertisements. The content is loved by the general population and leads in better user engagement. This expands the brand recall value for Amul. Subsequently, the Amul girl promotional campaign is often said to be amongst the best business ideas.


  1. Wide Range of Products:

With its wide range product portfolio, Amul has possessed the capacity to serve the demands of the considerable number of segments. From children to youngsters, men to ladies, calorie conscious to health conscious, the brand has guaranteed that it dispatches products for each segment. Offering some incentive and advantages to its target audience, Amul has possessed the capacity to establish a solid brand association with its users throughout the years.

  1. Innovativeness:

Amul has continually been innovative – be it launch of new products, imaginative promotional campaigns or testing customary societal patterns to think of better ones.

For its consistent innovation, the brand won the “CNN-IBN Innovating for Better Tomorrow Award” and “World Dairy Innovation Award” in 2014.

  1. Efficient Supply Chain Business Management:

Amul takes after a three-tier cooperative formula which comprises of a dairy cooperative society at the town level that is subsidiary with milk unions at the district level which thus is unified to a milk federation at the state level. Milk is gathered at the village dairy society, acquired and processed at the district milk union and showcased at the state milk federation.

The significance of this model lies in the way that Amul was the first brand to take after this model, and it was duplicated everywhere throughout the nation under Operation Flood in the 1970’s. The model takes care that there’s productivity and operations take place swiftly.

The Amul model has turned India into the largest milk producer on the planet.

Amul in all its sense has demonstrated that it is Amulya i.e. ‘Priceless’ for our country and that we should safeguard it.

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