Godrej and Boyce: The Making Of A Successful Brand

Getting to know the success story of Godrej and Boyce.

As promised, JustInReviews is bringing to you the success story of Godrej and Boyce as a part of this business review.

  • Godrej company profile:

Godrej has for long been a next door name and the Godrej logo is a standout amongst the most effortlessly identifiable and pervasive seal in the nation. It wouldn’t be a misrepresentation to state that there’s a tad bit of Godrej in each Indian’s life. The groups turnover surpasses $ 3.5 billion and regardless of its Indian roots, over 25% of its revenues are gotten from its abroad operations. You’ll get to see products of the Godrej brand in more than 60 nations. The organization that began off as a humbling foundation delivering locks for the domestic Indian family home has in reality gone from strength to strength and has had a trailblazing venture over the most recent 115 years of its being there!

Godrej and Boyce

  • Godrej and Boyce:

The Godrej and Boyce group of organizations is one arm of the Godrej group (the second being the Godrej Industries). The organizations birth can be followed back to the year 1897 when it was a business startup and India was all the while stifling under the burden of colonial rule.

The Godrej and Boyce is the significant arm of the Godrej Group with 20 holding companies under its wings. E.g. Godrej Appliance, Godrej Security Solutions, Godrej Tooling etc.

These holding organizations are involved in the production, advertising and dissemination of home appliances (both electronics and electrical), precision instruments, furniture, healthcare, all kinds of locks etc.

  • Key to success:

One major reason why the Godrej and Boyce group has possessed the capacity to script their success stories overcoming challenges is a result of its indispensable pool of HR. The group organizations have been pulling in the best of gifted and skilled young fellows and women since ages. Of the aggregate number of employees, ladies form a seizable portion. The gathering is at present hiring in many holding organizations crosswise over many sections. E.g. Vivek Gambhir who happens to be the Chief Strategy Officer, comes from the Harvard Business School. Vijay M. Krishna is the Executive Director and the list continues.

  • The journey:

In spite of the fact that the organization has experienced many good and bad times in its 115-year history, it has possessed the capacity to make the checkered change from security locks to the 21st century’s call centres. Thanks to some best business ideas. The M.D. of Godrej and Boyce is Jamshed Naoroji Godrej and Adi Godrej happens to be the chairman. Phiroze Dinshaw Lam happens to be the President and Executive Director. The Godrej Group is the biggest proprietor of land in Mumbai with numerous Godrej properties spread all over, that as indicated by reliable industry gauges is esteemed at $ 16 billion, as indicated by current market rates.

  • Responsibility on a corporate and social level:

Much prior to the idea of Corporate Social Responsibility started to establish itself and began to be grasped by corporate houses around the world, Godrej had been fulfilling its social obligations. The founder in Ardeshir Godrej had given a liberal sum of 3 lakhs to the Tilak Swaraj Fund way back in 1920. Furthermore, since, the organization has assumed a pioneer part in adding to the holistic development and growth of the country. It has been a set routine with regards to Godrej and Boyce to furrow back continues from 25% of its stock (that is donated in a trust) in the academic, environmental and health sector.

The group likewise has been running the Udayachal Group of Schools from 1955.

  • Future endeavors:

Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems are anticipating to extend its operations in the gulf particularly in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman. It is nearly done with plans for venturing into unexplored markets in Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen. It is altogether outfitted to takeover organizations over a swathe of country in Africa. The Godrej Group is likewise hopeful about its expansion plans in a few zones it expertises on such as individual hygiene, haircare, and bug sprays implied for the households.

All these factors can be said to be the pillars of success for Godrej and Boyce.

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