Maruti Suzuki: The Success Story Of This Automobile Giant !

You would find the auto tech story for today from JustInReviews, to be pretty interesting. That’s because, we are going to talk about the success story of Maruti, as far car sales are concerned.

Maruti Suzuki isn’t just the major player in the small cars segment, a segment it began owning straight after it pushed out Padmini Fiat and Ambassador three decades prior. Today, it is the ruler of Indian roads, leader in each segment of passenger automotive technology.

In case of Maruti, it has been a slow, bumpy journey to the top. Obviously, it had for quite some time been the leader of the mass-market as it sells one out of every two cars sold ! Its endeavors to break into the more productive, average sized sedan segment were not that fruitful with Kizashi and SX4.

Analysts state that Maruti’s rivals have a restricted number of successful models, and that is the reason they think that its hard to hold customers or cross-sell products. Maruti is known to have an extensive range of new and old cars which stay as hot sellers.

Maruti’s dominating success has made it into a barometer to judge the wellbeing of the auto tech business. The reason behind Maruti Suzuki turning into a virtual benchmark, is due to the solid performance crosswise over segments for the passenger vehicle segment that has generally been divided over the value-premium continuum.


Maruti now has the numbers crosswise over segments to move the market. To such an extent, it has helped the business keep up the growth in the course of past two years.

Maruti’s growth has not debilitated its traditional stronghold. In the mini car segment, Alto is by a wide margin the leader, offering 2.4 lakh units every year, more than twofold that of closest opponent Renault Kwid that sold around 1.09 lakh units in FY17. The top notch hatchback Swift was in front of Hyundai Grand by around 20,000 units in FY17, with sales of 1.66 lakh vehicles.

In the year concluded March 2017, Maruti was at that point the market pioneer in the categories of SUVs, sedans, crossovers, vans and not to forget small cars.

Amid the April-June quarter, Maruti’s volumes in the UV segment ascended by 45% year on year to 57,125 units. It went past the biggest producer of UVs, Mahindra and Mahindra (M&M), which saw a decrease in volumes in the UV segment by 5% to 53,082 units. Maruti’s market share in the segment has risen to 30% while M&M had 27.9 % amid this period.

Truly an inspirational journey for this automobile giant.

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