Andheri Rooftop Restaurant Review: Rike Terrace Bar and Grill

Rike Terrace Bar and Grill

Rike Terrace Bar and Grill






      • Good Service
      • Cheerful Interior


      • Waiting Time
      • Fast Food Cost

      In this restaurant review from JustInReviews, we take you to a rooftop restaurant in Andheri. It’s called the Rike Terrace Bar and Grill. Get to know before you visit the restaurant.

      • Surroundings:

      Being an open porch eatery, Rike is actually a much needed refresher. Consigned to the bar area, we get to sit on high stools underneath the hanging wine glass arrangement and take in the feel. The stylistic theme isn’t packed, with adequate space amongst tables, and the crowd, much like the stylistic décor, is youthful, with twenty-year-olds ruling the scene.

      It’s not frequently that we go to a restaurant and wind up on a waiting list, with eight-odd individuals in line before us. In any case, that is the thing that happens when we touch base at RikäⓠTerrace Bar and Grill, the new restaurant situated in a faintly lit by-lane close Fun Republic in Andheri.

      • Fast food menu:

      You can go for the potato fries. The house fries (‘240) are normally served inside 15 minutes, by when you can get to a table. The crispy fries are served in a small sized commercial fryer! which imparts space to three beautiful dips on a wooden platter.

      On the other hand, the Bruschetta is different yet said to be flavorful, with the heated potato skins loaded down with potato and diced tomatoes that come finished with cheese, basil and a trace of olive oil. The dish is carefully spiced and regardless of being a starter, satisfies you with a liberal measure of cheese.

      Rike Terrace Bar and Grill

      Talking about the southern fried chicken burger (‘320), the chicken patty with its crispness, alongside the fresh lettuce, offers a crunch to each bite. The mayo makes sure that the dish doesn’t feel dry and one can eat it off without requesting for any fizzy beverages.

      • Other recipes:

      The variety of chicken kebabs (‘590) coming from the Table Grills area accompany the guaranteed dramatization: a live table grill for you. It contains four sticks – tikka, malai, banjara and hariyali. The tikka happens to be hot and spicy, while the malai calms the mouth on account of a smooth yogurt marinade. The hariyali offers with its shading and is gently spiced, and one can taste the cumin and mint in the succulent banjara. The servings are sufficiently substantial for two individuals with a standard appetite, or three individuals on the off chance that you’ve already ordered something else.

      As far as the Paneer Tikka Masala (‘360) goes, the dish comprises of liberal measures of paneer in impeccably spiced gravy, yet with a heartbroken measure of plate of mixed greens on the sides.

      • Pros:

      – Good service

      – Cheerful interiors

      – Food taste

      • Cons:

      – Waiting time

      – Fast food is bit costly

      That was the Rike Terrace Bar and Grill review for you. Checkout the restaurant ratings of your favourite restaurants, only on JustInReviews.

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