Bawarchi Review: The Hyderabad Based Indian Food Restaurant

Bawarchi Review

Bawarchi Review








        • Excellent Food Quality
        • Good Ambience


        • Crowded

        Bawarchi restaurant. What’s inside?

        Having the urge to have Indian Food in the city of Hyderabad? Bawarchi is one place you can try out. Read on with this review from JustInReviews, so that you come to know as to what’s on offer in this eatery.

        • The surroundings:

        Large number of visitors during lunch hour results into waiters to bump into one other, pushing at the diners’ seats, and also platters dropping – fortunately just empty ones – everywhere! With a number of theaters in the surrounding region – after all, it is RTC X Roads, recollect? – there is no sufficient space to deal with the visitors that turn up at Bawarchi to get a taste of its popular Hyderabadi biryani. The dim lighting over here is of no use is what majority of the goers feel.

        Bawarchi Review

        Really, there is not at all like a peaceful hour with your favourite dish at this place – literally! You can eat your chicken or different things, however, no peace and calm surroundings. Each time you think you are settling down, unaware comes a waiter’s foot inside your table, or your neighbor’s high-pitched chat.

        • Food platter:

        With respect to the Indian food, however, is altogether an alternate affair. Beginning with Paneer 65, which in all probability would lament any regret about not placing an order of this live-assortment of this 65, you can include a Mushroom. The main course, which some passionately disagree, would be a Mutton Biryani. Connoissors state that Biryani is an entire feast in itself obviously, needing no starters or followed by back-ups, yet without straying into finer issues, how about we keep it straightforward – Bawarchi’s Biryani is in the class of Hyderabad House’s or even Paradise’s. Or likewise better.

        Then again, you can try out the Bawarchi Special Veg. Curry and Bhindi Dopiyaza, or something from their not-exactly up-to-the-mark Chinese recipes. Whatever else you may do, ordering the Fresh Lime Soda With Salt is not recommended.

        You can also go for the Bawarchi biryani, which is said to be their speciality.

        • Recommendation:

        If cleanliness, service, interiors, ambiance and silence are not major issues in your life, and, best case scenario, disregarded. Pay attention only on the piece in your plate, and there is a possibility that you’ll not regret.

        • Cost:

        The average cost for a couple meal would be in the range of Rs 300.

        • What’s tasty?

        – Specializes in various types of biryanis

        – Cost of dishes is reasonable

        • What’s off taste?

        – Happens to be a crowded place most of the times

        – Scope for improvement in terms of hygiene

        That was about the experience at the Bawarchi restaurant, which JustInReviews put forth in the form of this review.

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