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        Craving to have some desert food ? Have you tried Wild Sugar Patisserie and Cafe, Viman Nagar?

        Well, if not, Just In Reviews presents before you the recipes it has to offer. Hope it will help you to come to a decision.

        Viman Nagar is not a long way behind Koregaon Park as far as the budding eateries are concerned. Wild Sugar Patisserie and Café is the latest one to the continually expanding line up. Owner Ajay Ahuja who has beforehand worked with Theobroma alongside Darshan Bhattad manage this place. Ajay is likewise the head chef over here.

        Those who have visited the place, say that the cakes and pastries placed at the counter resemble work of art, thoroughly drool inciting. Be that as it may, deserts needed to hold up as the exquisite menu looked similarly enticing that one could not help but try out.

        Here are some of the food recipes, the place has to offer:

        • Tempura:

        Tempura Chicken has elongated strips of chicken covered in a Tempura batter with a twist added on by the gourmet expert and presented with mayo based dip. It basically happens to be a chicken based appetizer coated with one of the crunchiest batters called as Tempura.




        • Mix salad with brown rice:

        Moving on to salads, the Koshambhir Salad mixed with brown rice is different. It consists of cut onion, beetroot, carrots, sprouts along with leaves of methi. This is a greater amount of North Karnataka Koshambhir. The Brown Rice addition gives it a different taste. The flavors are basic ones as the chef has taken after the traditional cooking style.


        brown rice


        About the deserts…..

        • Paris Brest:

        Paris Brest has a brilliant choux pastry loaded with hazelnut seasoned cream, the flavor is sensitive for one’s taste buds, however, then everything can’t be too sweet.


        Paris Brest


        • Orange Chocolate Parfait:

        It is basically a dark chocolate bar with a core that is citrusy. The sweet citrus taste blends very well.


        Chocolate Parfait


        • Red Velvet Cake:

        As the name suggests, it is red in colour and spongy. Stuffed with cream cheese, it stands out to be good. It is big in size and a bit moister.


        Red Velvet Cake


        That’s what all you can have after visiting this place.

        You can try it out, if your mouth has already started watering !

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