Bukhara Delhi, Review: The Perfect Place To Fulfill Your Appetite?

Bukhara Review

Bukhara Review






      • Excellent Food Quality
      • Very Luxurious


      • limited veg dishesh

      Taking you inside Bukhara Delhi, to give you an idea about what’s on offer and what’s not.

      Once again, JustInReviews is back with restaurant review. This time, we will be visiting Bukhara, Delhi (North Indian- Mughlai).

      First glance:

      The old era rustic appeal isn’t washed away with time; the stylistic theme is straightforward, raw and low seating with a look of the open kitchen. The old era cordiality is additionally influenced by the metal tumblers, the clothing of the staff and how one is urged to eat with hands, better believe it, no cutlery unless you demand on one!

      Food ideas:

      The sum total of what that have been written above is a reality, expressed and known lets at that point proceed onwards to the involvement, our experience. It’s entirely north Indian ‘Mughlai’ restaurant, please set yourself up ahead of time for the overwhelming, heartfelt food.

      The recipe of success maybe remains the completely exact menu that has been kept up that path purposefully over the years. It’s only six dishes for veggies and ten for the non veggie lovers, all coming from the tandoor, with a little selection of breads lastly some great north Indian sweets.

      The popular Dal Bukhara is almost obligatory. The naan bukhra is a monster size of a naan, and it must take a virtuoso to cook it to flawlessness.

      The supper is just a single course, i.e. only one main course and desserts. Majority ones aren’t able to finish this.

      The food is said to be delicious, the Sikandari raan, not exactly a bit of raan however, was tender, pleasantly flavoured, and smoky. The Barrah kabab is known to be soft, delicious and fire-grilled to flawlessness, and with regards to the daal, it is a superstar by itself to ensure you have it while it is warm.

      The food is flavorful and heavy, so some good cocktails from the bar comes convenient in helping it smooth down to the stomach, exceptionally the mark Delhi High 5 or Cosmopolitan are a couple of good alternatives.


      It would be better to be cautioned, the bill can burn an entire in the pocket as it can go at Rs 12,000 (taxes included) for a feast for 4 including 3 cocktails and a soda pop. That is maybe the value you pay for having something World-known.


      • Naan Bukhara is the speciality of this place

      • Food quantity is good

      • Ambiance is quite good with a rustic charm


      • Limited vegetarian items

      • You need to specially ask for cutlery

      Now you know what to expect at Bukhara restaurant, Delhi. Make your plans accordingly!

      Meanwhile, JustInReviews will continue to serve you with restaurant ratings, along with reviews.

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