Burger King ‘Satisfries’- A Perfect Blend of Taste and Health

burger king satisfries

burger king satisfries

Fast Food







        • Low calories
        • Tasty food
        • Healthy food


        • Quantity
        • Expensive


        The health freaks had to think twice before buying that pack of french fries from Burger King. Reason?

        No experts needed to answer.

        Guess what?

        With the introduction of Satisfries from Burger King, health conscious people are now in for a treat ! A blend of both health and taste! At least, that is what Burger King claims.

        Let’s check out what this fast food variety has to offer to the customers…

        From the taste perspective,

        What’s being said to be nice about the Satisfries is that they happen to be thicker version of french fries. So, you get a feel that you’re eating something considerable, and your taste buds savor on the rich, potato taste that is not suffocated in oil or salt. They likewise have a pleasant light crispiness on the outside. The regular Burger King fries we ate till now, had the oil and salt taste which shadowed the potato, and all things considered was somewhat gross in correlation.


        burger king


        From the health perspective,

        A regular portion of Satisfries consists of :

        – 11g fat

        – 1.5g of saturated fat

        – 300mg sodium

        – Zero trans fat

        – 270 calories

        to mention a few…

        On the other hand, the same quantity of regular french fries variety has:

        – 340 calories

        – 15g fat

        – 2.5g saturated fat

        – 480mg sodium

        End result?

        The healthy variety saves 70 calories, 4g fat, a gram of saturated fat and 180 mg sodium.

        So, will it come under the healthy recipes category? Well, may be not as there are lots of other options where you can benefit more by spending 270 calories. Yes, if we consider french fries, they could be called healthier.

        Interested in trying out this newer food variety from Burger King?

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