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Jumbo Burger

Jumbo Burger








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        As a part of fast food reviews from JustInReviews, here is a look at a burger joint in Pune, just for you. Read on to know what they have to offer….

        What appears like a thousand years back, a marvel called Burger (earlier called as Burger King) touched base in Pune. In those days, Pune Camp (M.G. road) was full of cosmopolitan crowd; a blend of students from abroad, Parsis, Christians and the elite class. The crowd went crazy for this place, and for somebody who had begun this as a little test, it wound up being a major business. A quarter century since this wonder hit this town, Shapoor Irani, the man behind this burger joint, is as yet grappling with the way that this place is a standout amongst the most acclaimed burger joints in Pune.

        The Beef Steak Burger is one such recipes sold here, that has takers coming straight from Goa and Mumbai. Such is the taste of this special beef burgers. These burgers are known to become sold out each day. A single one is priced at Rs 80.


        Yet another popular food recipes gotten over here is the chicken burgers.

        On the other hand, Burger’s Jumbo patty comprises of a sesame seed bun, a fire seared burger patty, lettuce, onions, ketchup and mayo. Not wearing any cheddar in its original form.

        You can try out these by visiting once.

        The various burger patties over here are a thing of everyday cooking and not the frozen being used.

        The store as of now has 2 outlets, one on East Street and the other one at Koregaon Park. The outlets open at 11:30am and shut down around 10:30 pm, and are continually humming with customers.

        Now you know where to head for a burger party!!!

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