Cafe Good Luck- Visiting The Historical Irani Cafe !

Cafe Good Luck

Cafe Good Luck






      • Ambiance
      • Crowd


      • Cost
      • Waiting Time

      Pune city is known to host a number of Irani Cafes and Cafe Good Luck is a famous name amongst them. Probably, the topmost one!

      Situated in the heart of the city at Deccan, this one will satisfy your desires as far as the yummy “Bun Maska” + “Irani Chai” is concerned. It also has other interesting food recipes on offer.

      JustInReviews would like to take a tour inside Cafe Good Luck, just for you! So, are you ready?

      Cafe Good Luck is a widely discussed and touted restaurant in the college stuffed region of FC Road. Begun in 1935 by Haji Hussain Ali Yakshi, this joint has been a prevalent hangout spot of students from colleges all around including Film and Television Institute of India (FTII). The owners for this cafe have hosted the likes of evergreen Bollywood star Dev Anand !

      As mentioned above, bun maska and chai form their hottest recipes. Apart from these, they also offer healthy recipes like egg omelette and other variants such as half fry, scrambled egg etc. Their non-vegetarian dishes like butter chicken etc. are also loved by many. One can also have Punjabi food over here. However, college goers who flaunt this place go for the famous chai and bun. One can often see them standing outside the restaurant and enjoying their nibble.

      To summarize the place in a single word, you could basically total it up as – occupied! You can see individuals waiting around looking for a route to grab a table. The waiters stacked with plates going from table to table to regular customers, some of them who are daily goers. What you additionally observe is enormous vessels of butter being generously spread on buns and slices of bread.

      So, now you know what to have when you visit this place. You can visit the place when you have some time to spare. Thanks to its growing popularity that it is always thronged by crowd. No wonder if it scores high on the restaurant ratings, most of the times.


      – Good ambiance

      – Vibrant crowd all the time

      cafegoodluck- Tea and bun maska are their forte with one of a kind taste

      – Known for their egg recipes


      – A bit costly. Especially for the students

      – Often crowded, therefore waiting time is more

      – Service on slower side owing to large number of visitors.

      JustInReviews will return with its restaurant reviews next time as well…Keep checking out this place.

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