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Cafe Madras

Cafe Madras

Cafe Madras







        • Excellent Food Quality
        • Different South Indian Dish available


        • Crowded

        A review of Cafe Madras, home to south Indian delicacies.

        JustInReviews is going to take you inside Cafe Madras, as a part of this restaurant review. Get ready to go the southern way !

        • Interiors:

        The restaurant owner informs that the tiles and floor have seen a change. In the past, Cafe Madras had wooden tiles, which used to be a major ordeal back then. At that point, granite arrived, and later, marble, so things changed. The administration counters were of steel which used to be exceptionally costly then. There used to be four seats before, accompanying each table rather than these seats, he recalls. The eatery has been in its present look throughout the previous 20 years.

        Cafe Madras

        • Recipes on offer:

        Talking about history, the oldest menu happened to be Vada, Idli, Sada Dosa, Masala Dosa, Rava Dosa and Upma; Rasam Vada came on the platter in 1950. Earlier, Onion Uttapa did not exist, simply the plain Uttapa. In 1960, Mysore Sada Dosa was added to the menu card. Certain bhajias like Mango Bhajis, Banana Bhajias were available once, which they stopped preparing for the past 10 years.

        It got the name ‘Mini Madras’. Slowly, they went away and the Gujaratis arrived, so the interest for those cooking recipes descended. Panpoli (a sweet made with banana and jaggery) happens to be the oldest dish available here. It comes in the same form, even today.

        The idli is said to be light and soft in nature. With simply the appropriate measure of butter, it liquefies in your mouth with ease. The dosas are fresh and crisp; the bisi bela baat (rice and sambhar) is known to have the appropriate measure of tamarind and spices and the extra popadams given with it simply add value.

        On the off chance that Madras Cafe had a negative, it can be said to be the sambhar. While numerous swear by the sambhar, some feel that a good quality sambhar must have the perfect measure of all-round unobtrusive flavor i.e. it must be tart, spicy and have the flavour of the veggies. Where Cafe Madras falls short is that the sambhar is on the sweeter side, a direct result of the jaggery, and this affects the sambhar taste.

        Set Dosa and Raagi Dosa are the new additions that have turned popular. Rasam Vada is likewise known to be unique. According to the owners, most eateries utilize just tomato in the gravy. Their water is prepared using Tur daal. Their sambhar isn’t Tamilian is what they claim. They utilize more tamarind. The formula lies from some place in the middle of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. They are known to utilize neem and hing in excess.

        • Visitors:

        Most of the times, one needs to wait patiently in a line for our turn to get a seat at the bustling eatery. Around us is a blended set — this incorporates the college going crowd, senior citizens and corporates, holding up to tuck into crisply made south Indian food. Every patron appears to be anxious to find a seat, and is totally ready to share a table alongside a complete stranger, only for the fresh dosa or sizzling rasam!

        • Pros:

        – Home to a variety of south Indian delicacies

        – Cleanliness

        • Cons:

        – High probability that you may have to stand in a queue

        – Sweeter side sambhar is not liked by some

        Got a watering mouth already? You can visit this place to fulfill your appetite.

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