German Bakery Review: The Iconic Healthy Food Joint In Pune !

German Bakery


German Bakery


Authentic Dishes



  • Healthy Food
  • Upbeat Location


  • Indians Could Find The Continental Food Bland
  • Cost

Restaurant review from JustInReviews, is this time dedicated to German Bakery. The iconic food joint from Pune.

The German Bakery restaurant has been around for like ages now, in Pune’s Koregaon Park area. It even existed two decades back and is still going solid. It’s an iconic landmark in Pune and is flaunted by foreigners on a budget.

Environment of this place:

German Bakery has a dhaba-like feel and hosts an easygoing crowd most of the times, a blend of Indians and outsiders. Drugs appear to be around or somewhat, a portion of the benefactors appear stoned out of their minds.

As the German Bakery is close to the famous Osho Ashram, you get a considerable measure of ashramites and additionally guests to the ashram visit over here.

By and large, the place is a value for money, it’s spotless, and the service is quick. Can be visited.


Food Ideas on Offer:

One can get baked recipes and continental dishes at affordable prices. A glass full of freshly squeezed orange juice for instance, costs around Rs 35/ – and it is genuine squeezed orange. In most of the other eateries you get artificially sweetened and diluted juice on the off chance that you pay this amount.

The continental food served is bland, oil free and suits the taste buds of foreigners. The baked potato for example is softly flavoured, as are the veggies. You get a restricted assortment in food and it’s for the most part snacky.

No wonder, this place calls itself a health food joint. The crusty apple pie is scrunchy and brimming with apple, however not sweet. Same goes for some other “sweet” baked products. It’s not something that a man with a truly sweet tooth (of the Indian kind) will appreciate yet in the event that you are searching for credible low calorie stuff at a cheap price, then German Bakery happens to be the place.

Burgers and fries (tofu burgers too), toasts, eggs, plates of salads are amongst the famous eats.


Near to Osho Ashram, Koregaon Park, Pune.


  • Known to serve authentic dishes

  • Real orange juice

  • Upbeat location

  • Healthy food is served


  • Indians could find the continental food bland

  • Food is not that cheap

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