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Gustoso Pizza





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        When you think of a Pizza, what is the maximum size that comes to your mind? May be a 10 inch, 14 inch or at the most a 16 inch.

        But guess what?

        There is a place in Mumbai that serves a whopping 40 inch Pizza! Yes, you heard it right! What’s this place? Let’s check out here at JustInReviews….

        Gustoso in Khar Mumbai, is the place to visit if you want to gorge on the largest pizza in town (approx. 40 inches). If this is on your list of food ideas, definitely give it a try.


        Statutory Warning: No one can eat the entire one! Wiser to go with your gang of buddies!

        This rectangular-shaped pizza is made from 16 slices of bases and is heated in a wood-fire equipped oven, a standard followed in the restaurant. You can customize around with the toppings and make it a bundle of pizzas in one. A veggie Margherita pizza would cost up-to INR 2,300 minus the tax and 2,600 with tax.

        Gustoso presents a casual dining place for its customers with the largest Italian pizza being its USP. It claims to be amongst the best authentic Italian food serving restaurants in Mumbai. They host award winning Guilio Adriani as their consulting chef. One feels that this is sufficient to support the previous line.

        Other highlights of Gustoso includes:

        – A kids friendly atmosphere
        – Jain food is also on their menu card
        – Outdoor seating arrangement
        – Has on offer a full sized bar
        – Cocktails are also on offer

        Happy Hour Timings: 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. & 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Friday

        It is widely known amongst locals for its Italian recipes that have a homely touch. Also, Neapolitan food.

        So, if Italian food and that too having the largest pizza is on your agenda, you can definitely give this place a try.

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