Kayani Bakery Review: Leaving Behind A Legacy !

Kayani Bakery

Kayani Bakery








        • Quality Bakery Products
        • Prices Have Hardly Changed


        • Unchanged Interiors
        • Crowdy At Times

        Got a watery mouth already? We haven’t even started as yet !

        Many are left with a watery mouth after hearing the name Kayani Bakery. A reputed name in the baker’s world ! For those who do not know, JustInReviews brings to you the review of this bakery.

        Keeping the custom alive of Irani bread shops for a number of generations already, is Pune’s Kayani Bakery. Situated in Pune’s most happening locations, on the Park Street, exactly opposite to Victory Cinema is this historic bakery popular for its Shrewsbury biscuits along side sponge/plain cake recipes.

        On The Platter:

        While the menu listed on the wall records a variety of items that include what can be called as dessert food, E.g. wine biscuits and Madeira cakes, the vast majority of the fare is ‘sold out’ inside hours of the bakery opening, and unquestionably before it shuts down for an afternoon rest (from 1330 to 1530 IST). On a good day however, whatever you can lay your hands on during evening hours is the Shrewsbury biscuits and plain cakes.


        Things to try without a doubt are the Mawa Cake, Khari and Shrewsbury biscuits. Be that as it may, dependably taste everything here from basic bread to finished cakes is delightful and adored by everybody in Pune.

        The place still makes use of the custom method of baking utilizing wood-fueled ovens and conventional machines for cutting the breads.


        Try not to go expecting a fancy outlet with exquisite seating arrangement, this place is known for its food ideas and just its food. There is an extremely straightforward arrangement of picking what you need from the huge writing board menu and afterwards requesting at the counter and paying. What’s more, when you pay they begin packing and setting up your things like a pro, directly before you.

        In the same way as other Irani bakeries (such as the Yazdani Bakery in Mumbai), this one too is very superstitious about redesigning the interiors trusting that it may influence the business. The place henceforth keeps on looking and feeling no less than a 100 year old.

        When to visit?

        The timings for this bakery are somewhat short, on the grounds that their food products vanish in minutes. However, its open each day and one can ensure that it’s all justified regardless of the wait.

        Business hours:

        Monday to Saturday, Morning 7.30 am to 1 pm and Evening 3.30am to 8 pm

        Sunday closed.


        At times the place is crowded to the point that they need to close the main shutter and allow just five individuals at one time leave from a little wicket entryway so things can work appropriately. This hungry for cake group can be seen close to Christmas. However, you can simply discover some of these individuals around. The proprietors oblige more than 400 buyers on a weekday and a 100 or more on ends of the week.

        What’s tasty?

        • Mawa cake and Shrewsbury biscuits is what has earned them a reputation.

        • Prices have hardly changed

        • Quality bakery products

        What’s off taste?

        • Unchanged interiors give it an old appearance. Some may not like it.

        • At times, the place becomes crowded and you need to wait .

        With this review coming from JustInReviews, you might want to visit this place at least once. So, what are you waiting for?

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