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      • Good Ambiance
      • Different types of Milkshakes


      • Expensive

      Experiencing the Keventers milkshake.

      It’s summer time and it is when you enjoy those cool and icy drinks the most ! Isn’t it? We thought so….

      That’s the reason, JustInReviews would like to take you to a place called the Keventers. So, lets go there and check out what’s on the Keventers menu. Be ready, as we set out to this place.

      • Flashback:

      Keventers happens to be the first Indian milkshake brand. Established in India in the 1920s by Edward Keventers, the Keventers dairy venture was acquired by Ram Krishna Dalmia in the 1940s. It was in 1960s that Keventers ended up being synonymous with dairy items in the capital city of Delhi. Since Chanakyapuri, the locality where the processing plant was set up, turned into a diplomatic zone, the owners had to close down its factory.

      Now, the century long legacy brand returns once again!



      • Current status:

      The brand at present, has been revived by two youthful individuals in Agastya Mihir Dalmia and Aman Arora, alongside their partner Sohrab Sitaram, who have cemented the barrier between the contemporary and the classic. Keventers is presently catering their traditional classics and additionally the new creative flavors in shakes. Alongside that, they likewise are known to have some quite unique and innovative Gelato flavors.

      • Keventers menu card:

      Consider thick, velvety, somewhat salty, lingering sweet, and the rich taste of peanut spread. Include some chocolate to it, sufficient to leave your mouth watery! Yet allowing the essence of peanut butter, a chance to surface. At this point, envision this as a part of a chilled milkshake. That’s Keventers milkshake for you. The Choco Peanut Butter shake is expected to take you to a land unknown!

      The Mint Oreo Crumble milkshake is basically a mint flavoured shake comprising of the Oreo crush. In the event that you are a mint fan and in case that you adore After 8 chocolate, you would love this shake as well, else, not really.

      The Strawberry Fields shake can be said to be for the strawberry fans, however, it is very not quite the same as the classic Strawberry milkshake. Strawberry Fields has the mint flavour alongside strawberry. The mint flavour is very subtle, and does not overwhelm the strawberry by any means.

      Chocolate Hazelnut shake is said to be the one for the chocolate darlings. The shake is thick in nature. It’s indulging and rich. The peculiar flavour of hazelnut goes well with chocolate and this shake happens to be no exception.

      The freshness factor and the quality of the food product represents itself. Similarly, as with chocolate, which can be of a wide range of sorts such as hazelnut, dark, white, milk and so on., and individuals have a tendency to have their top picks; the new flavours from Keventers milkshake are reported quite intriguing and you may not love everything except rather there is certainly a flavor that you would love.

      The shakes are claimed to be thick and filling. The classic ones: vanilla, butterscotch etc. and kesar pista are served in glass bottles.

      Apart from this, the Dilli Jamun flavoured ice-cream, which is a soft serving Gelato that has got a flavor like Gulab Jamun, is yummy. It is modestly sweet and has little gulab jamun chunks in it.

      That’s what is served at the Keventers.

      Keventers, which happens to be the original milkshake brand, is in it’s second inning. They have focused on the best of both the contemporary and classic universes.

      As always, JustInReviews would keep bringing to you, restaurant reviews and ratings.

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