Leopold Cafe Mumbai Review: Serving Since 1871 !

Leopold Cafe Mumbai

Leopold Cafe Mumbai

Leopold Cafe







        • Hugely spacious
        • Variety Of Food Available


        • Bit Expensive

        Getting inside the Leopold Cafe.

        JustInReviews is taking you inside a cafe, that started its journey way back in 1871! Yes, you are right, we are talking about Mumbai’s Leopold Cafe. It will feature in our restaurant review for today.

        • Journey so far…:

        Born way back in 1871, this cafe that serves multi cuisine, boasts of not just being a city landmark, but also a tourist attraction and an immensely popular local hangout. Leopold café is not considered to be just another café. Many regard it as an institution in itself. It brings along a legacy woven in every bit of its old world space. Then there’s the wound of the 24/11 terrorist attack on its façade and in addition, a bestselling novel based on the place it in the form of the book ‘Shantaram”. The ones who have read the novel, give a visit to the café and soak in its atmosphere. Emerging like a Phoenix after the terror attack, Leopold cafe according to many, continues to roar like a lion, in terms of the menu served and the ambience.


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        • Interiors:

        Situated on the Colaba Causeway, which happens to be the most seasoned and busiest streets in the city, Leopold cafe is known to have high roofs fitted with fans, comfortable seats with no shortage of space, turning it into an ideal spot for individuals for enjoying some food and respite from the rushes of the adjacent lanes.

        It has created a heritage of its own, with the help of its European style interiors. It is said that one needs to get inside the Leopold cafe, for that stint with history. You will ponder over what plots could have been devised at this place, by the British !

        • Food ideas on the platter:

        Many different dishes are available to choose from, in addition, a wide selection of cakes. So, it is considered to be a good place for just a cuppa tea and some desserts, on the off chance that you don’t want to indulge into a full breakfast or lunch.

        One can commence with an exiting exhibit of appetizers such as Garlic Bread, Jalapeno Peppers, Mediterranean Prawns, Fish and Chips and additionally a variety of Chinese starters.

        The main course is known to be lavish, comprising a wide variety of Continental and Indian recipes such as chicken and vegetarian Stroganoff, Veg Korma, Tandoori Chicken with Chili Lemon Grass Rice, Chicken Hyderabadi, truly, the variety seems to be endless. In here, there’s continually something for everybody. Something or the other, for everyone!

        • Prices:

        Majority of those visited, have found the prices to be reasonable. Even lobster delicacies are said to be available in the range of Rs. 900.

        • What’s tasty?

        – Variety of dishes

        – Historical significance

        – Spacious

        • What’s off taste?

        – Crowded at times

        – Mainly for young crowd

        So, when in Leopold Cafe Mumbai, this is what you can get. Next time when in Mumbai, you can try visiting it.

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