MainLand China Pune Review: A Restaurant Serving Authentic Chinese Food !

MainLand China

MainLand China

Mainland China





      • Food Variety
      • Sunday Buffet


      • Price
      • Reservation on weekends

      JustInReview would like to check you into MainLand China Pune, the place in the city, known to serve authentic Chinese recipes. So, let’s get started with the same…

      About the Place:

      Mainland China Pune (located on Dhole Patil Road) is a place where you can eat bona fide Chinese food recipes. The restaurant likewise, is known to serve the best Khimchi in the city, the best starters (they offer three unique sort of starters, both veg and non-veg) and the main course has a wide measure of assortment, innovation and taste.

      As of late (2006), they opened their second restaurant in Pune on Senapati Bapat Road. Heading off to this place without a reservation is not recommended by any stretch of the imagination, mainly on holidays or week-ends.

      The Sunday Buffets:

      The buffets hosted on Sundays are said to be a treat. The costs have been raised to Rs 350/ – per individual (2005 Dec). Yet the cost includes free beer/cold beverages and the buffet consists of starters, soups, with a main course which has more than twelve recipes of chicken, crab/lobsters, fish and vegetable dishes. The rice and noodle dishes are known to taste good. There are an assortment of desserts as well. You can choose from three different varieties of sweets, in addition to ice-cream. On the off chance that you are ravenous (and that is the thing that we are, if we skip breakfast on sunday mornings) and have a craving for sea-food and beer, at that point one can have a food carnival over here. One ought to keep away from the soup in any case, that is the one dish which is reported to be average, by the visitors.


      The ambience is loved by the most. The tables are known to be properly separated, and the lighting is not too illuminated . The interiors are elegant. The crowd is good.


      The Mainland China Card:

      You can have a Mainland China card too, which provides you with points everytime you eat there and which you can redeem during your future visits.

      The thumbs up things:

      • Food taste and quality has been appreciated by many

      • Multiple outlets for convenience

      • Food variety

      • Sunday buffet

      The thumbs down things:

      • Reservation needed on holidays and weekends

      • Prices have been increased

      JustInReviews would continue to come up with restaurant reviews, in the future as well.

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