Malaka Spice Restro Review: A First Look Inside !

Malaka Spice Review

Malaka Spice Review

Malaka Spice


    Food Quality



      • Good Ambiance
      • Excellent Quality of food


      • Expensive

      Read on with this review, as we take you to Malaka Spice Restro.

      JustInReviews would like to take you to Malaka Spice, as a part of this restaurant review.


      It happens to be a sprawling space where the old garden is presently included as a major aspect of the exquisite covered outside space. The indoor air conditioned area is likewise very huge and together on a bustling Saturday night can host 300 individuals!

      Food recipes:

      Malaka Spice appeals to the most except it is by all accounts a youngster hangout particularly since it’s open the entire day long. What you might not realize is the good quality of food. Spices and aromatics in each dish are said to be exquisite. Dishes are not quite your exemplary Asian specialties but rather twists on old themes.

      The top hats are a peculiar starter here. Crunchy and fresh, they make an ideal begin to the meal. You can also go for the grilled Thai Mutton chops prepared in a peppery marinade.

      The chicken thigh Thai is marinated in just about a Thai tetecha! The duck salad, entire red snapper and tiger prawns are also served here. The recipes on platter are extensive and it is better to ask to discover what is fresh and what you ought to have each time.

      Oriental dishes with its high zest levels is hard to match with wine. Notwithstanding, one can have an exquisite Chenin Blanc and a chilled Shiraz with the meat dishes.

      Recommended food ideas:

      Thai mutton chops, Top hats (veg and non-veg), Mutton Pepesan, Thai green curry.

      Price: Approx. Rs 2500

      Timings: 11-11.30 pm (all day dining)


      • 50% discount on food and drinks in between 4 and 7pm (Mon-Fri)

      • Buffet lunch comes at a good value


      • Dinner pricing has gone up

      • Desserts are said to be a let down.

      You can plan a visit here, this festive season.

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