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        JustInReviews would like to take you on a tour of Marz-O-Rin; the Pune based fast food outlet that specializes in bread based items. Here comes our fast food review….

        Located in a 100+ years old heritage building, Marz – o – Rin happens to be one of the very first fast food outlets in Pune. Established by Mr. Sheriar J. Sheriyarji way back in 1965, with just four things on the menu; at present, Marz – o – Rin hosts around 150 fast food recipes on its menu. Also, Marz – o – Rin is located in one of the most prime areas in Pune.

        • Your urge for food items like rolls, burgers and sandwiches can end over here.

        • Along with these, milkshakes, fruit based drinks and ice-creams are also served here.

        • You can likewise choose from a wide variety of whole-wheat based products along with hot bakes and grilled sandwiches.


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        • They are known not to host fried foods like chips, fries etc. with the aim to serve only healthy food to their customers.

        • They have an in-house bakery of their own.

        • Breads are prepared on a daily basis as claimed by them.

        • Chicken used is said to be sans skin or fat

        • Self-prepared Mayonnaise is claimed to be 100% vegetarian

        • Use of Lodite or Potassium Bromate is avoided while preparing breads.


        • Some don’t like the fact that it is a self-service eatery.

        • A few others find it to be a burden on their pocket in comparison to the quantity of food items gotten here.

        • Weekend visitors to this place have reported of it becoming crowded, resulting into slow service.

        So, if you are looking for a heritage ambiance while gorging on your favourite sandwich, Marz-O-Rin is the place you can try out. You can share your experience with us, post visiting.

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