Nashik: Sadhana Restaurant,The Exclusive Food Outlet Serving “Misal”!

Nashik: Sadhana Restaurant

Nashik: Sadhana Restaurant






      • Ambience
      • Taste


      • Bit Crowdy At Times


      Here’s our review of Chulivarchi Misal coming from Sadhana Restaurant, Nashik. All the Misal lovers can visit the place and try out this dish.

      Today’s food review from JustInReviews, is dedicated to Sadhana Restaurant Nashik and its special

      Chulivarchi Misal. That is the Misal cooked on the stove !!!

      Sadhana Misal, situated on Gangapur street, while in transit to Sula Vineyards is the first “chulivarchi misal” place. Stated to be original, as many have taken after at this point. Happens to be their special recipes !

      Situated in an open space and designed up to give a village look and feel, finished with warli art, coir beds, tree tied swings, dry grass shacks etc. it has turned into a prevalent family visit place on weekends and holidays. They have additionally included tables and expanded the seating facility after it began pulling in many individuals, particularly on the weekends.


      About The Owners:

      Tejas, the proprietor, claims that the family has been in the misal business for 55 long years. When he came back from UK to Nashik, he saw that there was no misal joint in Nashik, where families could visit. The greater part of the misal joints are not kept up, little and swarmed places. Therefore, individuals needed to sit all confined up, eat rapidly and exit. Thus he chose to think of a Misal place which could add over as a family outing.

      What Lies Inside?

      Misal is-it is zesty veggie legume curry, presented with bread by the side. At the point when food is cooked on a “chul” (wood fire stove) it has a clue of smoky flavor. One doesn’t know whether it is the gradual cooking process or the smoky wood enhance, however, food tastes different when cooked on a “chul”.

      Recent Additions:

      As of late, Sadhana Misal has begun activities such as bullock carts and horse rides. These promise to be enjoyable. They have attempted to make an affair and not simply serve misal. What’s more, in the event that you happen to visit, do leave a remark. This is what is recommended.

      Other Attractions:

      Sol Kadi and buttermilk are also served along with this fast food recipe. These blend well with this spicy dish.

      You can also try the special tea served over here.

      What tastes good ?

      • Ambience

      • Tasty

      What is off taste?

      • Bit crowdy at times

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