Dont’t Miss This Mouthwatering Natural Flavored Saunf Ice-Cream








      • Different Flavours Available
      • Good Food Quality


      • Bit Costly

      The natural ice creams are quite mouthwatering with its wonderful flavors. Here are few flavors of ice creams like the sitaphal, tender coconut, malai, litchi, mango, and anjeer. There is a new flavor which has been launched apart from this and it is none other than Saunf.

      This dessert food is reviewed by JustInReviews in here.

      • Taste :

      You would have heard about it. This flavor also colloquially known as saunf is taken as a mouth refreshment after your meal. This dessert is made out of soft wooden fennel seeds gel and is combined with milk and sugar. It will melt your heart when you consume it for the first time. With an adequate amount of saunf it will definitely be a good ice-cream to pig on. Even if you hate saunf you will definitely enjoy this ice-cream.

      • Ingredients :

      The ingredients of naturals are flavors, milk, fruits, and sugar but this ice-cream is different. And you can skip the habit of collecting a handful of saunf in your hand from hotel rather you can grab a cup of saunf ice-cream and enjoy it.

      • New arrivals :

      Apart from this ice-cream, there are lots of experiments conducted by the ice-cream producers from lemon to turmeric and tender coconut.

      Apart from this saunf ice-cream, there are other ice-creams like chikoo, kala jamun, pineapple, etc.

      Other varieties are like thandai ice-cream and gulkand ice-cream.

      • Reason behind such new arrivals :

      The ice-cream producers want to do something different like rather than eating a pan or a saunf after a meal why not have a saunf or a paan ice-cream. This is actually in demand and most of the customers enjoy this dessert very well. The flavor, when consumed alone, is different when compared to the flavor taken along with the ice-cream.

      It has also become a kid entertainer amongst the list of kala jamun, sitaphal, and himsagar mango.

      • Pros :

      It is quite mouthwatering
      Crowd pulling

      • Cons :

      Cannot surpass the demand of Vanilla and Strawberry

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