Punjab Grill Review: A Place For Punjabi Delicacies!

Punjab Grill


Punjab Grill







  • Excellent Food Quality
  • Home Delivery


  • Bit expensive

Visiting the Punjab Grill….a review.

It’s time for the restaurant review from JustInReviews. This time, we bring to you a place known for Punjabi delicacies. We are talking about the Punjab Grill. So, let’s go on the food journey.

Punjab Grill happens to be a gourmet fine dine restaurant with many branches crosswise over significant Indian cities. It was founded the by Indian food industry big shot Jiggs Kalra. However, two years back, he sold it to Lite Bite Foods.

  • Appearance:

When we talk about the Punjab Grill restaurant, the usual picture is that there’s a burst in terms of vibrancy, thanks to the orange seats having yellow undertones, interesting crystal chandeliers and portraits that are abstract that offers a lavish appearance. Ideal for supper with the family or a cozy lunch outing, this typical Punjabi restaurant has delicate Bollywood music playing out in the background, and has a little open to sky section that turns cooler at nights. The ambience might vary from city to city. This is just to give you an idea.


  • Recipes and drinks:

There happen to be four styles of cooking that rule over here – Sigri, Tandoor, Kadhai and Tawa. Known to be a flesh eater’s heaven, this isn’t the place you would visit for light eating. The majority of the dishes are precisely marinated with good quality herbs and spices mixed overnight keeping in mind the end goal to get succulent and soft bits of meat.

With food ideas that catches the embodiment of places like Multan, Amritsar, Patiala, Kabul Peshawar and Kabul – Punjab Grill’s specialty are a blend of rich ingredients and variety of recipes . The modern culinary experience is really exceptional and the rich fragrance that radiates from the kitchen stimulates the taste buds as soon as you enter.

A portion of the must taste dishes at Punjab Grill come in substantial amounts for two and incorporate the Butter Chicken, Dal Punjab Grill, Mutton Galouti Kebab, Raan E Sikandari and Chaamp Tajdar. The main attraction however is said to be their melt- in-mouth Salmon Tikka that comes marinated and tandoor grilled and is said to be worth of each penny spent! Collaborate the Bharme Amritsari Keema Kulche accompanied with Murgh Makhani for an impeccable meal.

On the desert food front, there’s likewise a mocktail bar and a substantial dessert list including Litchi Ki Tehri and their own rendition of the customary Rabdi Falooda, yet whatever you try, bear in mind to end the dinner with a paan shot.

  • Buffet:

Watch out for their lunch buffet that incorporates an extensive variety of canapés, mains and sweets for Rs 699++ for each individual.

  • Cost:

The average cost of a meal for two costs in the range of Rs 2000 to Rs 2500.

  • In favor:

– Ambiance is good

– Food is said to be rich in taste

– Sufficient space

  • Not in favor:

– On the expensive side

– Not meant for light eating

So, visit there for a Punjabi treat.

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