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        • Awesome food
        • Very Luxurious


        • Expensive

        There are a number of hotels in New Delhi. But today, JustInReviews is going to take you to the Nueva restaurant in the city. So, ready to go…..?

        • What lies within?

        The chic restaurant is spread over two stories: on the ground floor is the extravagant parlor and bar where you get the chance to taste the exclusive from the Tapas menu with some innovative beverages (the alcohol permit is known to be awaited) or enjoy your cuppa tea or coffee; the first floor invites you to the smart dining area. Over here, the extensive glass panels enable you to view chefs at work in their state – of-the-art kitchen. Venture in the tastefully done 12 seater PDR and be enticed to have your culinary treat here one day.

        That’s how the Nueva restaurant, New Delhi, appears like.

        Nueva, New Delhi

        • Other than this?

        At Nueva, it’s not constrained to just having a feast, but rather it is said to be the encompassing experience where every one of your faculties celebrate the voyage of food which is particularly implanted with thought and philosophy. So, when you get your menu book, majority are amazed by its cover as it happens to be a show-stopper by a craftsman who has additionally made coordinating coasters of your table.

        Glance around and you will see your neighbor visitor is holding the menu with an alternate cover by an alternate artist. You are interested as you might want to compare the two. Similarly, the plates appear stunningly wonderful as are the napkin rings produced in-house by assembling together pretty beads. Control young ladies, don’t lift them up as arm ornaments!

        • Food ideas at Nueva:

        With regards to the recipes, every dish recounts a story. An account of earth, air, mountain or all of them in one.

        ‘Pallo En Infusion De Te (Tea Infused Chicken)’ happens to be Chef Michael’s trademark dish, which blends two of his most loved fixings – Tea and Vanilla! Tea-brined chicken cooked until it nearly melts in your mouth dipped in a sauce prepared using its own juices with the inclusion of vanilla. It is presented with black quinoa and pickled veg salad.

        Ensaladas (salad servings) happen to be ‘Cielo/Sky’ – crisp zingy arugula tossed along with pears, showered over with mango glaze and spiced balsamic reduction, based upon a pesto of matured tea leaves; ‘Tierra/Earth’ – fruity rich edible earth plus dehydrated vegetables and ‘Nube/Cloud’ – a light resembling cloud cottage cheese mousse surrounded with earthy wild rice and fresh greens moistened with a light flavoured dressing.

        No, this isn’t poetry, you have to believe, it is culinary specialist’s method of clarifying his dishes in the menu card!! Innovative, isn’t it?

        The majority loved food recipes from the mains happens to be ‘Arroz Salvaje y Estofado de Fava/Wild Rice with Fava Bean Stew’. It’s got a rustic blend of indigenous wild rice plus a rich hot fava bean stew. Presented with fresh vegetables that are roasted and a grape salad that is refreshing.

        Desert food:

        ‘Quinoa Pudín Dos Formas/Quinoa Pudding Two Ways’ can be said to be the correct method to end up the meal at Nueva. Culinary expert Michael twists it when he cooks white quinoa using orange and saffron, at that point blends with black quinoa flavoured in cardamom and chocolate, presented with the caramelized pecans’ crunch plus the lightness of gingered dulche cream.

        Nueva is considered to be a great place for children as well, as they get the opportunity to place an order from their dedicated kids’ menu.

        • Beverages:

        Continue sipping ‘Manzana’ along with your food. A drink having cinnamon-flavoured caramelized apple chips, Peruvian pear, apple cider and quinoa – intended to carry you to the mountains of South America!!

        • Cost:

        On an average, a meal for two individuals would cost around Rs 2500 plus.

        • What’s tasteful?

        – Vast area

        – Unique dishes

        – Food quality

        • What’s off taste?

        – Liquor license awaited. Therefore, not for drinkers

        – On the costlier side

        Guess what? Rumours are that this place belongs to Virat Kohli !!!

        Going ahead, JustInReviews would explore other hotels in New Delhi as well…

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