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        There’s a restaurant in Delhi that serves your favourite and amazing delicacies. JustInReviews would like to review this place for you, under restaurant reviews.

        Often it’s a practice to get some idea of the food that you can find on the menu and how could it taste. Well, no more worries, we bring out for you the same under food reviews. Next time if you wish to try something new, do not forget check about the same here, in our space.

        Today we shall review about the magnificent and popular, the Embassy,


        A seven-decade-old eatery in the capital. With mouth-watering dishes and tempting delicacies, a perfect place for a family get together or just chill with friends.

        It is about an hour drive from West Delhi, if the roads are busy with traffic then it could cost you more time.


        After a big mishap due to a devastating fire, The Embassy got a complete renovation. A restaurant is an amazing place with new, exclusive interiors which include, wooden decorative, a floating ceiling, white arches with wrought iron-all adding to its unique infrastructure.


        The menu card will make you perplexed as what to select and what not. With a huge list of food items with various categories all to signify its legendary dishes.


        To some, the service might appear slow, but that hardly makes any difference for its reputation. The staffs share an amazing rapport with the guests that speak volumes of the significance that this restaurant has been carrying. This restaurant remains packed even at the 12 noon on Sundays. Their client doesn’t stick to a definite age group but includes an interesting diversity of guests – youths, those in the mid 40s and also senior citizens.


        The Embassy Restaurant, 11-D Connaught Place, New Delhi

        Price points:

        Rs 1,200 for a meal for two

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