Restaurant Review : The ITC Maratha Hotel, Peshawari Mumbai

ITC Maratha Hotel

ITC Maratha Hotel

ITC Maratha


    Food & Beverage



      • Excellent Food Quality
      • Very Luxurious


      • Crowd on weekoff
      • Bit Costly

      This time, we are going to have a look inside The ITC Maratha Hotel, Peshawari, which is located in Mumbai’s Vile Parle area.

      It is food time! and JustInReviews, would be taking you to the Peshawari restaurant…

      Let’s see what they have got to offer you.

      Peshawari is based on the famous Bhukara restaurant situated at the Sheraton, Delhi, serving principally north Indian food recipes in grilled meats. The stylistic theme feels fairly artificial, with bibs and minus the cutlery to propose a rural climate that might seem false in a savvy inn. You sit on little stools as opposed to seats, with no tablecloths. This is not a place to wait, with dishes served together as opposed to in courses, and you will for the most part likely be done in under 60 minutes. There is a decent view into the kitchen, where you can watch the flame broiled meats being dove into the tandoors and culinary experts hurling the romali roti bread into the air.

      There is no rice in the menu cards, these kind of recipes being generally eaten with bread. The tandoor cooking is said to be fantastic, just like the breads. The caveat is the value, which is on the higher side for Mumbai, and drinks specifically are too much costly.

      Here is the experience of a few eaters at this restaurant:

      Murgh malai was truly good, bits of chicken marinaded and after that cooked inside tandoor. The chicken was exceptionally tender for sure, with pleasantly adjusted flavors and an insight (however only an indication) of charcoal from the oven. Additionally, fantastic was cauliflower with a variety of spiced flavors and diced vegetables. Romali roti was good , delicate and supple, while a garlic naan was likewise great. The dhal was as astounding as it was earlier.

      It was quite busy, with tables being turned even on a Monday night. Naan was wonderful, with soft texture and a trace of charcoal from the tandoor. Romali roti was likewise good. Dal Bhukara (Rs500) is an indistinguishable dark dhal from served at Bhukara in Delhi, made with kidney beans and also lentils, and was of a comparatively exclusive expectation, the beans giving a decent, thick texture.

      These feedbacks from the visitors would help you get a feel of this place. Especially, the food quality.


      • Tandoor dishes

      • On the lines of famous Bhukara restaurant, Delhi

      • Roomali Roti served here is liked by many


      • Busy even on weekdays

      • Drinks are costly

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