Saltwater Review: This Time Its Not A Sea, But A Cafe!

Saltwater Cafe

Saltwater Cafe



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      All the food lovers are requested to pay attention, as JustInReviews takes you on a tour of the Saltwater Cafe, Bandra, as a part of our restaurant reviews.

      • Cafe Location:

      87 Chapel Road, Rose Minar Annexe, Besides the Mount Carmel Church,Reclamation, Bandra West, Mumbai.

      • The inside look and feel:

      The ambience can be said to be different – lighting, seating arrangement, the mix shades of brown and biege – everything appears to contribute to create the desired feel of a fine-dining elegance. The major downside is said to be that the upstairs seating arrangement isn’t yet operational. A table can be found besides the bar, and despite the fact that it is in proximity to the serving table, according to the visitors, it doesn’t end up being a hindrance.


      • Food review:

      Try not to be tricked by the ‘bistro’ in its name. The menu cannot be said to be extremely exhaustive, however, it’s got variety. With a decent collection of Italian and European soups, sandwiches, burgers, salads along with some mains and sweets. You could probably compare it with Kala Ghoda’s Pantry, both as far as costs and menu is concerned.

      People who had lamb at the place, said that it was really cooked slow. In addition, they felt that the pieces were around the shanks, and therefore tender. The sauce was told to be same for both the lamb and the pork.

      A look at few food recipes

      The Tomato Lemongrass soup was blended with the aroma and flavours of lemongrass, however, not overwhelmingly so. The consistency appeared to be as desired. Also available is

      Mozzarella Tortellini, a small dumpling resembling dimsum.

      The sandwiches at the Salt Water, have Mozzarella as a commoner. The cheese appears fresh and with a desired texture. Alongside the abundant measures of mozzarella, come cuts of tomato and some mint for additional freshness. There happened to be two pieces as a part of single serving, sharing friendly. Along came the French fries and a mustard cabbage slaw.

      In Beverages, you can have Old Monk with coke along with a lemon slice. Saltwater Cafe has a wide range of bar menu with a good collection of wines.

      On the dessert platter, the hot chocolate fondant is found to be a delight by many– a rounded chocolate pastry having a hot chocolate fondant inside and presented with a liberal scoop of mint and chocolate chip ice-cream. The serving is substantial and two individuals can be totally satisfied with just one serving.

      • Price:

      On an average, the bill goes up-to Rs 750 per head. Sometimes, you can get an offer where at Rs 850+ one can have unlimited select drinks and cocktails. Happy hours generally do not exist.

      If your mouth has started watering by now, then you can visit the Saltwater Cafe, Bandra, and gain an experience for yourself.

      JustInReviews would take you to other hotels in Mumbai as well, and also provide you with restaurant ratings.

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