Shadab Hotel Review: The House Of Biryani In Hyderabad

Shadab Hotel







  • Excellent Food Quality
  • Service is really good


  • Sometimes crowdy

A sneak peek inside the Shadab Hotel, Hyderabad, which is the home to a variety of biryanis.

Biryani is one of the recipes that is loved by all. Especially, in a country like India. So, this review of known to be the best restaurants in Hyderabad, Shadab restaurant, is dedicated to all the biryani lovers, by JustInReviews.

Without wasting more time, let’s get inside this place.

  • Ambience:

The Shadab hotel is a building that is 2 storied, with a ground floor that can be termed as dingy. It kind of tends to distracts visitors from it, and in the event that they assemble the courage and go to the first floor lastly figure out how to get a seat after the minimum hold up of 5-10 minutes ends, begins the enchantment.


Shadab Hotel


  • On the food platter:

Shadab is famous for its Hyderabadi dishes, however its North-Indian and Chinese cooking recipes are likewise appreciated. It’s not bad, but at the same time not enough to blow anyone’s mind to see a bowl of Shadab biryani on each table, with names such as Jabda, Sherwa, Chicken Hyderabadi, Chicken Nahari, Haleem etc. on the menu abandon you in no uncertainty about what the speciality is.

On the off chance that you are a genuine admirer of everything identified with Biryani, you can give a try at the Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani that Shadaab serves. The cost isn’t excessively extravagant and not very less also. Yet, the dish is said to be a good one.

Order the dish called Pakistani Chicken with the biryani, and furthermore ask for a coke bottle, and you are ready. Pakistani Chicken, the name and the shading (profoundly greenish) may sound weirdsome, yet it runs the best with the subtle redmeaty taste of the Biryani with its not very fiery yet not very sweet taste. The Kebabs are said to be total treats as are the other side recipes.

The Haleem available during the month of Ramzaan happens to be their speciality.

The Shadab hotel has complete pages named “Friday Special”, “Shadab Specialties” and “Nahari”, total non-veg dishes. The menu is mammoth sized in terms of numbers – 20 Tandoori starters and 40 Chinese, 30 lamb dishes, 40 chicken dishes, plus around 30 veg dishes (North-Indian), a variety of chowmein and chopsuey along with steaks and Shaslik. Additionally, obviously, biryani – with big bit sizes, as well. The costs are a reflection of the ambiance and visitors. Two people could get a decent meal in addition to Lassi here, in Rs. 200.

Some of the exotic recipes in addition to the Shadab biryani comprise of names such as Bhur Bhura, Anarkali Chicken, Chicken China Don and the list continues…

Surprisingly, the desserts or the sweets incorporate just Qubani Ka Meetha from the variety of desserts Hyderabad is well known for – not by any means Double Ka Meetha has an entry in this short rundown (however, there are a variety of ice creams on the menu, comprising of a Fosalad Ice).

  • What’s tasteful?

– Biryani, North-Indian and Chinese dishes are known to be tasty

Food quantity is good

– Prices are not too high

  • What’s off taste?

– Place becomes crowded at times

– Limited dessert varieties

– Some may find the place dingy

JustInReviews would bring to you, reviews of hotels in Hyderabad. So, keep in touch.

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