Under Armour Band: Your Health Status Tracker !

Armour Band

Armour Band





      Battery Life



        • Use Anywhere
        • Accurate Health Status
        • Affordable


        • Design

        Here is a product every health conscious individual can befriend. It’s the Under Armour Band !


        Tracking your health status is easily possible! Let’s get into the details of the same as a part of our fitness product reviews on JustInReviews. Continue to read to know more..


        Under Armour Band


        • The Under Armor Band is ideal for individuals who use Under Armor’s other associated health products.

        • The UA band is equipped with an LED screen that shows statistics related to your workout and also your daily health status parameters.

        • The device can be connected to a Heart Rate monitor and a UA Scale that keeps a check of your weight and exercise related stats.

        • It offers a free subscription to MapMyFitness and MyFitnessPal which can serve to be your health guides.

        • The tracker of the device even if smaller, displays information including phone call details and text messages.

        • On the whole, consumers have reported that they did not like its design, and felt that the band is uncomfortable to wear.

        • The battery life is reported to be 5 days.

        Consumer end testers utilized the trackers for a duration of two weeks and after that gave feedback about the application in terms of its design, comfort, app and wellness inspiration.


        – The product is water-resistant

        – Keeps a check on your sleep

        – Alerts you when the target is achieved or asks to move

        – Controls your phone music as well

        – Equipped with a timer and stopwatch

        – You can check the phone notifications in detail


        – Consumers have reported that it is uncomfortable to wear

        – A special key is required to change the strap

        – Charger strays from its position

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