Aroma Magic Aromatic Review: The Toner For Your Skin!

Aroma Magic Skin Toner

Aroma Magic Skin Toner





      Non alcoholic



        • Tightens pores
        • Calms the skin of any irritation
        • Affordable


        • Can be a bit drying

        A complete review of Aroma Magic Aromatic Skin Toner

        Here is a review from JustInReviews on Aroma Magic Aromatic Skin Toner. One of the cosmetic products for your skin.

        About the product:

        I come 100% free from alcohol, petrochemicals, paraben, phthalates, artificial scent and color. I happen to be a special formula proposed to clean and tone the skin without drying the skin out. Concentrates of pomegranate together with lavender and peppermint recuperates, reestablishes the skin cells and enhances circulation. Witch hazel helps avoid loss of moisture while the essential oils in rosemary and ylang ylang go about as natural astringents that soothes and balances the skin, providing vitamins and minerals to the skin. You will discover your skin looking more healthy and conditioned.


        Spray on your face right away or on a little bit of cotton and apply onto face. Keep away from the eye. Utilize me morning and night in the wake of cleansing. Line it up with the slick skin oil.


        This beauty product consists of Cananga odorata essential oil, Granatum juice, Glycerol,Punica granatum extract, Mentha piperita essential oil etc…


        The product is available in a cylindrical, long and transparent straightforward durable plastic bottle with a simple flip-cap. Every one of the insights about the product, its name, its claims are specified on the white label. You can keep a track of the quantity used due to transparent bottle. The bundling is extremely straightforward. The 200 ml is quite large, so it’s smarter to move the product in little traveling pack in the event that you need to carry it. The flip-top is tight, which guarantees the product does not spill and makes a wreck. The product does not possess a spray spout.


        The product is known to be light weight. It doesn’t leave any deposit after utilize; it totally gets assimilated into the skin. It expels the traces of cosmetic products, which are left behind subsequent to cleaning. This toner hydrates the face and influences it to look fresh and lively.

        The product is known to tighten the pores, which are evident. However, the impact isn’t perpetual, it lasts for a couple of hours. It doesn’t help pigmentation or aides in controlling skin break out. The best the product does is, keeps the skin clean and indeed, it’s the most ideal approach to stay away from acne.

        Another good thing, the product isn’t at all drying, it might cause some dryness for dry skin prone yet it works magnificent for slick skin. It doesn’t rip off extra dampness from the face. It is sans alcohol which is a positive point as alcohol tends to dry out the skin. It without a doubt gives a reviving and healthy appearance to the skin.


        A 100ml bottle costs around Rs 100.

        Plus points:

        • Constitutes essential oil which is known to be good for skin

        • Helps in pore tightening

        • Does not remove moisture from face

        Minus points:

        • Does not come with a spray bottle

        • Not travel friendly

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