Blue Heaven Xpression Pan Cake Foundation: Is It Sweet For Your Skin ?

Blue Heaven Xpression Pan Cake

Blue Heaven Xpression Pan Cake

Blue Heaven





      • It gives a natural look
      • Hides Dark Circle
      • Affordable price


      • Not good for dry skin

      Have you tried using the Blue Heaven Xpression Pan Cake? We have reviewed the product for you….

      Looking for a good skin foundation? There is one option in Blue Heaven Xpression Pan Cake. But how does it work for your skin? Will it suit? You ought to know..before buying it.

      JustInReviews presents to you, the review of this cosmetic product.


      Blue Heaven Pan-Cake is a light disseminating make up cake, specifically made for your body and face. Apply the cosmetics cake uniformly on the skin with a wipe (present in the pack) for uniform and a smoother application. Apply in long sweeping like movements. Let it stay for some time to dry. Remove the excess make up with a delicate linen fabric.

      Pancake is essentially pretty much like a foundation just yet it gives a heavier coverage than the prior one.



      Liquid paraffin, kaolin, isopropyl myristate,Talc,Vitamin E acetate, propylene glycol, octyl palmitate, glyceryl stearate, approved colours and perfume.


      Rs 85 for a 16 g pack


      3 years


      Blue Heaven Xpression Pan Cake is available in an intense purple circular plastic container. It has a round cover inside which there is an additional transparent protective cover which holds a square make up wipe. The majority of this is stuffed in a sparkly dark purple external container. The bundling is basic however, does look good.

      How to use it?

      Apply this beauty product uniformly on the skin with a cosmetic wipe (provided with it) for better application and a smoother finish. Apply by using a sweeping motion. Abandon it for some time to dry away. Wipe away the excess amounts using a soft fabric.

      Final take:

      Blue Heaven Xpression Pan Cake 62 is an affordable cosmetic product with a number of advantages. It fills in as a decent base particularly for slick skin individuals and hot and sticky climate since it gives a pleasant matte finish and keeps skin oil free for a decent measure of time. However, it may not suit dry skinned individuals. With everything taken into account, this is a decent spending make up thing.

      What works?

      • Price is cheaper

      • Packaging is good

      • Can be used everyday as well

      • Said to be light on the skin

      What does not work?

      • Might fail in case of stubborn marks

      • May not suit people with dry skin owing to its powdery nature

      JustInReviews will be back once again, with health and nutrition reviews.


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