Burnol Cream Review: For That Soothing Effect On Burns !

Burnol Cream

Burnol Cream






      • It supports faster healing.
      • It prevents infections.


      • only for external use

      Presenting you with the review of this widely used burn cream, Burnol.

      For what is called to be amongst the best skin care products as far as burns are concerned; JustInReviews is going to review the popular “Burnol” cream, taking into consideration various aspects.

      Burnol (Morepen) is basically an antiseptic cream which can be applied topically on first degree burn wounds. It is known to prompt quick relief, averts infections and helps speedy recuperating of burns. Burnol was taken over by DR MOREPEN, a completely owned subsidiary of Morepen Labs, from Reckitt Benckiser. The constituents of Burnol cream are Aminacrine HCl 0.1%, and cetrimide 0.5%. Aminacrine HCL is a hostile to microbe agent that helps to prevent and cure infections caused by burns. Cetrimide possesses anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties.

      Advantages of using Burnol cream in case of burns:

      • It enables faster healing

      • Helps to keep infections at bay

      • Instant relief in case of first degree burns

      • Has antiseptic properties as well

      Directions for use:

      • Prior to applying Burnol, wash using cold water

      • Now, apply the cream, directly under hygienic conditions

      • In case of cuts, wounds or minor superficial burns, apply this cream externally

      • One needs to pierce the opening of the new tube before applying

      • You can likewise spread burnol on a sterile dressing in order to apply on the injury

      Properties of this cream:

      • Antiseptic – Prevents the growth of microorganisms on the affected area

      • Antimicrobial – Active against microbes

      • Bactericidal – Kills gram negative and gram positive bacteria


      The cost varies i.e. 20g of Burnol cream comes at Rs 50, while a 10g tube comes at Rs 31.


      • Harmful if consumed

      • Cream is meant for external use only

      • Can cause severe eye irritation in case of contact

      • Some people can experience skin irritation/redness of skin

      • Store below 25 degree Celsius

      • Keep it away from children

      Medicinal Uses:

      • Minor cuts

      • Abrasion

      • Wounds

      • Infections caused due to bacteria

      • First degree burns

      That was the skin care product review, from JustInReviews.


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