Cream Review: Himalaya’s Answer To Hair Loss !

Himalaya Anti Hair Loss Cream

Himalaya Anti Hair Loss Cream



    Soothing Fragrance





        • Herbal ingredients
        • Stops hair loss
        • No Side Effects


        • Makes Hairs Sticky

        Himalaya Anti Hair Loss Cream Review for you…

        Hair loss is a cause of worry for both men and women alike. Considering this, the well known brand in Himalaya has come up with a beauty product in its Anti Hair Loss cream. The product review from JustInReviews , is dedicated to this cream.

        All in all, how about we check whether this hair fall cream truly works or not? By the way, this cream can be used by both girls and boys as it is a unisex product.

        • Packaging and handling:

        The product is bundled in a normal greenish capped white tube. This is as per the trademark Himalaya packing. The packing is simple and easy to use. Like when you travel simply bring this with you and utilize when required. All things considered, this cream isn’t thick or lotion resembling, yet is simply like the normal cream that we utilize. This cream is anything but difficult to spread on the hair which is great.


        • Appearance:

        This cream appears a bit brownish in shading and oozes some herbal kind of smell. All this due to the herbal constituents along with the Ayurvedic preparations will smell like that in most cases.

        Claimed benefits:

        Himalaya anti hair loss cream claims to advance the hair development and to control the hair fall. Moreover, it likewise claims to enhance hair strength and more hair density. It is known to provide a bouncier hair crop. Be that as it may, tragically, this cosmetic product was said to not fulfill the expectations of end users. So, after knowing this, one feels astonished too, since a large portion of the Himalaya products work for many. This product however, doesn’t seem to be amongst those.

        • How to use?

        This cream ought to be applied 2 times a day.

        Major ingredients:

        Butea Gum Tree, otherwise called the ‘flame of the forest’, is indigenous to India. The herb has got astringent properties and is particularly helpful in scalp treatments. Thus it provides herbal supplements for your hair.

        Climbing Butea reinforces hair from the root, which thus increases the hair tensile strength.

        • Price:

        The cost of a 100ml pack is approx. Rs 330.

        • Pros:

        – Packaging is handy and good

        – Known to make hair bouncier

        – Cream blends easily

        • Cons:

        – Known to be sticky and greasy on hair

        – Hair needs to be washed post use

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