Eye Makeup: MAC Eyeshadow x15 Warm Neutral Palette

MAC Eyeshadow







  • Smooth texture
  • Variety of shades available


  • Deeper shades of brown


Lets take a look at MAC Eyeshadow x15 Warm Neutral Palette. Is it the perfect thing for a professional eye makeup?

Today’s review from JustInReviews is on one of the most popular brands – MAC’s most loved eye beauty product– a neutral eyeshadow palette!! Eye makeup redefined ? Well, let’s check out….

Product Content Details:

A painstakingly edited palette of 15 warm, neutral shades to manage unlimited looks. A precisely chosen palette of 15 warm shades that can permit unlimited looks. The exceedingly pigmented powder applies equally and is known to mix well. Can be utilized wet or dry. Available in a wide assortment of textures and wrap ups.


On the price front:

Truly, the cost is walloping. It is path past what an ordinary neutral palette would come at, however, do remember that it’s as yet less expensive than a redid MAC neutral palette. For a customary palette – each refill will come at INR 900 X 15 or more the cost of the unfilled palette itself. Additionally, take note of that not at all like the x9 palette, this x15 palette has full-sized eyeshadow dish and one won’t try to get into the way that to make a adjusted palette, you will require a variety of shades over the range for which MAC refills will just not be available in India. Likewise, there is an immense variance in the cost amongst India and US – that is on account of MAC decently as of late, dropped the costs of eyeshadows in the US. This palette was initially estimated at $100 yet now costs $65. Lamentably for us, the cost of this cosmetic product has remained INR 9900.

Textures offered by this palette:

  • Satin

  • Velvet

  • Matte

  • Deluxe Pearl

  • Frost

  • Lustre

The palette comprises of 15 shades with different textures. A portion of the shades are from the permanent category, while rest are one of a kind to the palette.

Shade Range:

  1. The palette is marginally heavy on the lighter shades. Nothing amiss with that, aside from the fact that for young ladies having a medium skin tone, the subtleties between a couple of these lighter shades will be completely lost on the top.

  2. A shade or two from medium/medium light range would likewise have added to the palette – like Cork/Heaux – a slight distinction in tonality however something which could act as all finished lid shade for a few or a changing shade for others.

  3. The palette could have incorporated a couple more profound shades. In fact, there is just a single particularly profound shade – Dance in the Dark – which is a significant takeoff from a conventional profound darker. The palette could have profited from the expansion of 1-2 more profound shades like Smut and Espresso.


Except for two or three shades, the vast majority of them are smooth and simple to work with. This is a difficult request considering we are discussing a 15-container palette. Progressively, the quantity of shadows included, increasingly the open door for misses. What’s more, MAC off late, has been known for the misses, particularly with regards to their pre-made eyeshadow palettes.

Remaining power:

The shadows are known to stay for the whole day.


  • Good variety of textures

  • Wears long

  • Easy to carry packaging

  • Comes with a couple of unique shades


  • Pans do not come out

  • Pans cannot be refillable

  • Excess of soft light shades

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