Heal Plus: A Gel That Heals Your Wounds Naturally!

Heal Plus

Heal Plus

Wound Recovery




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        • Natural Ingredients
        • No Side Effects
        • Low Cost


        • No cons

        This one comes as one of the natural health products from Sanat Products Ltd. JustInReviews brings to you the product review of Heal Plus gel.

        • About it:

        Heal Plus is basically an antiseptic gel that acts as a wound healer. In addition, it offers triple action for speedier wound fixing and has Anti-microbial, Anti-inflammatory and Anti-oxidant properties. It is said to be amongst the best skin care products for your wounds, cuts, burns, scars and oral scars.


        heal plus


        • Constituents:

        The gel is known to have natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Turmeric, Tea Tree Oil etc. These are known to have natural healing properties for various types of wounds. We have been using these in their crude form since ages. That’s probably the reason they have been used in Heal Plus.

        • Benefits:

        – Has a fast anti-fungal and anti-bacterial action, happening against a broadest spectrum of life forms, with good constancy.

        – Limits bleeding and scar development in the wake of recuperation.

        – Gel infiltrates the skin considerably speedier, taking 90% of the active fixings in the skin, bringing about quicker and more noteworthy healing action.

        – Does not bother the skin, is not noxious and does not hurt tissue cells and has no noteworthy side effects.

        • Side Effects:

        No significant side effects have been reported as of now.

        • Usage:

        Apply a thin layer of Heal Plus gel on the wounded area post cleaning the wound properly. It is recommended that the wounded area is kept uncovered.

        • Cost:

        A 25 gram tube of Heal Plus gel is said to cost around Rs 216.

        Sanat Products Ltd. has thus come up with a natural antiseptic gel that can heal your wounds quickly! You can go for it with proper medical advice in case of a skin injury.

        For health and fitness product reviews, JustInReviews is your destination.

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