Lotus Herbals Radiant Pearl Cellular Lightening : A Perfect Facial Kit ?

Lotus Herbals Radiant Pearl Cellular Lightening

Lotus Herbals Radiant Pearl Cellular Lightening



    Uproots dark spots


      Skin Radiance



        • Suitable for all skin types
        • Making Skin Brighter
        • Deep Cleansing


        • Expensive
        • Not For Daily Use


        Lotus offers the Herbals Radiant Pearl Cellular Lightening Facial Kit for its customers. We bring to you the review of the same. Check it out!

        Here’s today’s review for you, from JustInReviews. First things first, let’s get started with the first look of this beauty product from Lotus.

        • First Impression:

        The external packaging looks bright and sober. This potentially best skin care product comes in three plastic tubes and a glass jar, all properly arranged. On the off chance that you are wanting to travel, you can take them independently as well, simply be somewhat careful with the glass container. The rear cover of the pack has the product description, fixings and how to utilize them. The in detail instructions to utilize and time for each of them makes it truly helpful when you are utilizing it at home.

        • About the kit constituents:

        The Pearl Cleanser

        This serves as a cleanser and a scrub. The feel of this cosmetic product is velvety and it’s not overwhelming. There are fine scour granules that are soft on your skin, however, clean up dead skin cells adequately. It additionally is known to wipe away whiteheads from the nose effortlessly.

        The Pearl Massage Cream

        This is a truly thick and heavy crème. A long rub session of 10-15 minutes with this item will increase blood flow and along these lines make your face gleam from inside. A persistent rub utilizing this can give a warm sensation. In this way, rub ice cubes in your grasp after each 2-3 minutes while kneading the crème.

        The Pearl Activator

        This should add instant sparkle to your face. The product is fairly similar to a fluid gel, much like Deriva MS, the extremely common application to treat pimples. Indeed, the aroma of this activator is medicinal as well. A little measure of this activator applied on the skin gives a matte feel. Post the cleansing, this activator additionally helps in shutting unclogged pores.

        The Pearl Facial Mask

        This one has a light smooth surface and it can be applied straightforwardly (no compelling reason to include water) utilizing the fingertips. It dries in 7-10 minutes (you will know when it turns totally white) and afterwards, it can be washed off utilizing water. This takes away the overabundance oil from your skin and gives a shine to your face. Facial is said to leave open pores and we have to close them to maintain a strategic distance from any aggravation or rash.

        • Ingredients:

        For each one of the above, the primary fixings are licorice extricate, green tea concentrate and pearl dust.

        • How is it for the skin?

        The product is said to really satisfy its claims. It helps to light up and brighten the skin. By and large, it gives a healthy gleam to the face which stays on for no less than seven days.

        • Cost:

        Costs close to Rs 1000.

        • Expiry:

        Best to use within 3 years.

        Reasons to go for it :

        • Handy packaging

        • Claimed to be suitable for all skin types

        • In detail usage instructions

        • Many find the fragrance refreshing

        Reasons to stay away:

        • In detail ingredient list is not present

        • One product for both cleansing and scrubbing

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