Optimum Nutrition (ON) Whey Protein 2018 Review

ON Whey Protein 2018

ON Whey Protein 2018

Optimum Nutrition(ON)


    Whey Protein



      • 100% Purest Form Of WHEY
      • Zero Carbs, 1gram fat, and Sugar
      • No Adulteration


      • No BCAAS or Glutamines

      JustInReviews over here reviews about a health product “ON Whey Protein” and its pros, cons.

      ON or Optimum Nutrition has lots of wonderful and result-oriented best products. Most of the gym freaks choose ON product and never exchange the brand with their friends. This has excellent quality and is free from adulteration. It is famous all over the world. The price tag is quite reasonable.

      Most of the fitness rats choose this new product which gives better results and is worthy of its money.


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      The qualities of the newcomer

      • It is made from Cow’s milk

      • It has no adulteration from other brands of protein

      • One Scoop of protein contains 22 grams of Protein, 1 gm fat and 1 gm of Sugar

      • It costs around 3.36 Rs per gram.

      • Visit Amazon and buy online protein of 1.85 lbs for about Rs 1999

      • It is well filtered and therefore mixes well with a spoon as well.

      • One container contains 27 servings which are about 594 gram of Protein in a container.

      When compared to On Gold Standard, On Whey is quite cheaper because the former has good quality protein.

      • Difference In Products: There are no BCAAs and Glutamine in this new product of ON whereas On GOLD Standard has 5.5 grams of BCAA and 4 grams of Glutamine. This makes the product the purest form of protein and encourages to buy a separate form of Glutamine or BCAA. Few of them like that additional benefit of Glutamine and BCAA whereas few of them want the purest form of protein.

      • Other Points About The Product Before You Decide What To Do:

      Before buying any product one must see whether it suits the individual and therefore if you want to buy a small quantity of about 1.85 lbs from Amazon to check how it works for you. If you get good branded items at cheap rates which has promising results then you must go for it.

      Brand matters when buying shoes so it should matter more when you are going to eat/ drink something. The amino acid profile is present in every protein powder like BCAAs and glutamine. Muscles are recovered when the protein after consumption is converted into Amino Acids. So added BCAAs and Glutamine are extra because WHEY already has it.

      • Verdict:

      You need to decide the best and the result oriented product for you which is worthy enough for your money spent as well.

      • Pros:

      -100% purest form of WHEY

      -Zero Carbs, 1gram fat, and Sugar

      -No Adulteration

      • Cons:

      -No BCAAS or Glutamines in it, you need to buy it separately.

      To know more about health products visit JustInReviews.

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