Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Supplement Review: A Mass Gain Brand Offering

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Supplement

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Supplement

Serious Mass Supplement





      • Builds muscles quickly and effectively
      • It gives increased energy for exercise
      • High Calories


      • Hard To Digest

      A look into the Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Supplement taking into consideration different aspects.

      A good news for those who pump iron! JustInReviews has got a detailed review of Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Supplement for them, under the health product reviews section.

      About Optimum Nutrition:

      Optimum nutrition is one of the popular brands in the sports supplement industry. The brand who came into being in 1986 and has then been furnishing devoted athletes with top notch best quality gold standard sports nourishment.

      About Product:

      In case you’re hoping to get big– genuinely big– ON Serious Mass could be your go to non-herbal supplement. Serious Mass accompanies 1,250 calories for every serving and 50 grams of protein for muscle recuperation — this instantized powder makes a sizable post-exercise and between-meals supplement.

      Serious Mass provides you the apparatuses you require to gain on pounds and– when combined with genuine weight training– build up your physical make-up to the fullest. This supplement likewise has f creatine and 500 mg of glutamine which is good for muscle recuperation post strenuous exercises.


      Some of the constituents of this mass gainer are as follows:

      • Vitamin A, C, D, E.

      • Minerals like Iron, Zinc, Magnesium etc.

      • Dietary Fibers

      • Cholesterol

      • Natural and artificial flavor etc…..

      How to consume?

      Genuine Mass is known to be an hardcore weight gainer which is truly blasting at the creases with calories. It is produced so it can be consumed as a pre and post exercise shake. Don’t hesitate to take this supplement twice every day in case you’re not meeting your day to day nourishment necessities through real foods.


      Here are a few benefits of this health product:

      • Rise in muscle mass:

      This is what you’re consuming your Serious mass gainer supplement for. This supplement will enable you to meet all your daily nourishment requirements and will give the boost to muscle growth.

      • Fat burning:

      Many muscle supplements consist of branched chain amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and are utilized to build muscle. Serious mass accompanies a specific sort of dietary fat which keeps you less fatty while you approach the muscle-building process.

      • Rise in muscle strength:

      Mass gainers aren’t termed that for reasons unknown. A viable mass gainer like ON’s Serious Mass can enable you to increase serious strength in a brief time-frame. You will see the distinction inside a few months.

      Mass Gainer Side effects:

      • Kidney issues:

      Kidney troubles are often connected with consumption of weight gainers. Despite the fact that weight gain powder is an aberrant reason for kidney stones, it can make body’s hormones to cause them.

      • Liver problems:

      Mass gainers are additionally high in protein amounts. Like any eating routine high in protein, user hazard harming their livers by not following wellbeing rules. Numerous users don’t drink enough water and start to utilize the protein powders as a supplement to other, all the more well balanced diet.

      These are a couple of side effects associated with these health products.


      • Helps in fat burning

      • Muscle mass gaining

      • Increases muscle strength


      • Cannot be called as a natural health product.

      • Unwanted fat gain if not used properly

      • Can lead to kidney and liver problems

      JustInReviews will return with nutrition reviews, in the future as well.


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