Protinex: The Best Protein Food For You ?








      • Available in delicious flavors
      • Lots of Vitamins and mineral


      • More Sugar content

      Here’s our take on Protinex, a widely known protein supplement brand.

      Here’s our healthy food review for you. JustInReviews is presenting before you, the review of Protinex, a protein supplement brand.

      About the brand:

      Protinex happens to be a child of Danone Nutricia, India, which happens to be the Indian subsidiary of Danone Nutricia – a New Zealand based health and nutritional products manufacturer that has its product in 140 nations over the globe. Protinex forms their popular range of products in India. It has been intended for fast muscle recuperation and to satisfy the dietary requirements of the body. Protinex has a particular type of protein called “Protein Hydrolysate”. Aside from protein, Protinex has a great deal of vitamins and minerals in Vitamin A, D, E, K, B complex gathering, Folic Acid, Biotin and so on and a few minerals like iron, calcium, phosphorus and choline also. A standout amongst the most impressive properties is that it has alongside zero measure of fat in spite of the fact that a decent measure of sugar is present. Along these lines, Protinex presents itself as a total health product for your body.


      Protinex is easily available in India and can be purchased from any store. It is available in a 400 gram packing and as 200 gram refill packs as well. It is available in flavors such as Vanilla, Chocolate, Mix Fruit and Elaichi Flavors.


      At the point when a body is subjected to work out sessions, it requires a fast source of protein. Natural foods supply a decent measure of protein. However, our body requires some time to digest the proteins and supply it to the muscles. To accelerate the process of absorption, Proteinex consists of Protein Hydrolysate which is a hydrolyzed type of finished protein. Since, the amino acids in the protein are as of now somewhat hydrolyzed or processed; it is all the more readily available for use. This turns Protinex into a quick acting supplement. Since the body needs to work less on assimilation; it has a tendency to be stomach friendly too.

      Aside from muscle recuperation and nourishment, Proteinex is likewise accessible as dietary supplements for children, diabetic and pregnant moms.

      Thumbs up:

      • A variety of flavours are available

      • Amongst the most affordable ones in the market

      • Good absorption rate due to the 50% hydrolyzed proteins content

      Thumbs down:

      • A considerable measure of sugar content is present

      • Consumer would end up taking in more calories due to their tendency to consume Protinex, more frequently

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