Review: Now Fight Hair Fall With Himalaya Anti Hairfall Hair Oil !

Himalaya Anti Hairfall Hair Oil

Himalaya Anti Hairfall Hair Oil








        • It Prevents hair loss
        • Repair damage over time.


        • Strong smell

        Himalaya offers Anti Hairfall Hair Oil to prevent loss of hair.

        Facing hair fall ? Check out this beauty product as JustInReviews presents before you, the review of

        Anti Hairfall Hair Oil from Himalaya.

        • Inside the Product:

        The Anti Hairfall Hair Oil averts hair fall and empowers hair growth. It consits of Bhringaraja and Amalaki, which have ended up being hair development promoters. Methi, which is enriched with lecithin and proteins provides nourishment to the hair roots.

        Neem and Bilva help avert scalp infection and keeps the hair in sound condition. It is said to be a non sticky oil and can be applied each day.

        • Packing:

        The packing of this cosmetic product from Himalaya, is found to be straightforward yet tastefully done. It’s not all that much grand, however, proves to be convenient to utilize. The oil comes in a see through plastic bottle. It has a flip green shaded cap. One can find these flip covers somewhat tricky for traveling purposes.

        • Usage Directions:

        Apply the oil on hair and scalp and tenderly rub the scalp. Leave the oil overnight.

        For best outcomes, utilize the Himalaya herbals Anti Hairfall shampoo.

        • Appearance:

        The oil is colourless in nature and has a lovely odor. Presently, there are potential outcomes that some may discover this odor a little bit strong, yet it goes away in a while.

        The oil is said to be non-sticky and is anything but difficult to apply and additionally wash!

        • Suitable for:

        As recommended, you do not have to worry on the off chance that you have oily hair. This beauty product in non-sticky and easy to use. It is said to be suitable for all hair sorts. Its principle task is to fight against hairfall.

        • Pricing:

        A 100ml bottle costs around Rs 100.

        • Positives:

        – Comes at a reasonable price of Rs 1 for each ml.

        – Brand is a trusted one.

        – Claimed to be a product having herbal supplements.

        – Available easily

        • Negatives:

        – Aroma is strong though it wears off after an hour

        – Said to look greasy post application

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