Review: Presenting the Himalaya Herbals Cucumber Peel-off Mask !

Himalaya Herbals Cucumber Peel-off Mask




Glowing skin





  • No Chemicals
  • Herbal Product
  • Affordable


  • Controls oil for 1 hour
  • Messy application

A review of Herbals Cucumber Peel-off Mask, from Himalaya…

Himalaya has come up with this addition to its series of beauty products. Yes, we are talking about Himalaya Herbals Cucumber Peel-off Mask. JustInReviews would like to review it for you…

Let’s begin with the ingredients used…

  • Ingredients:

Key fixings that are specified the whole way across the packing incorporate Almond and Cucumber. Aside from this, the cosmetic product likewise contains a number of extracts from fruits.

Here are some of them

  • Aqua

  • Ananas Sativus fruit extract

  • Alcohol

  • Fragrance etc….

  • Packing:

The packing is in the form of a white tube, highlighting the Himalaya Herbals branding. The front side displays the product name and the other side has all the other details like cost, usage directions, constituents and so on. It is a squeezable tube with a plastic cap situated at the top. The cap is truly handy and does not open on its own.

  • Pricing:

A 50gm pack costs around Rs 70.

  • Look and feel:

The colour of this said to be amongst the best skin care products, is faint green. It would appear like a translucent gel, yet with a fluid resembling consistency. Furthermore, it has a strange scent – like that of something artificial. It feels quite sticky on the hand so one should be brisk while applying it.

  • Claimed benefits:

– Peels off dead skin

– Serves as a skin moisturizer

– Helps in skin toning

– Skin firmness

– Facial skin rejuvenation

– Consists of anti-oxidants and AHAs

What works?

  • Helps in becoming free from dead skin

  • Worth the price

  • Comes with good quality tube and lid that prevents leakage

  • As a moisturizer, handy for combination skin too

What doesn’t?

  • Smell found to be strange

  • Not known to brighten the skin

  • Takes a while to dry

  • Sticky in nature

That was the review of Himalaya Herbals Cucumber Peel-off Mask from JustInReviews. Stay in touch for health product reviews and more…

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