Saundarya Aloe Vera Gel : How Is This Beauty Product From Patanjali ?

Saundarya Aloe Vera Gel

Saundarya Aloe Vera Gel






      • It Prevents pimples and wrinkles
      • Good for all skin types
      • Affordable


      • Takes a long time to show results

      Patanjali has a whole range of cosmetic products and beauty products. Saundarya Aloe Vera Gel Kesar Chandan happens to be one amongst them…

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      The ingredients are quite impressive. It consists of Kesar, Aloe Vera and Chandan. Aloe vera is known to have different benefits for the skin as it relieves swelled skin, has different anti-aging advantages, and moists the skin which is fine for each skin sort, lessens skin break out and acne and furthermore helps to lessen blemishes. Sandalwood or chandan gives healthy, enhanced skin and improves the skin’s surface. It additionally contributes in lessening the imperfections alongside Aloe Vera and Kesar. Sandalwood additionally controls the abundance oil discharge and includes an iridescent touch. Kesar additionally helps in fighting dullness and works great.



      Pricing and availability:

      It comes at a good and affordable cost. Be that as it may, the product availability is still not up to the mark following quite a while of launch of this beauty product.

      Older version vs the Newer Version:

      The most prominent difference is said to be that the new one provides a luminous touch to your skin.


      • From the moisturizer perspective, it is said to be truly outstanding for oil free and acne inclined skin. You can likewise utilize this as a night serum too. It takes care of skin break out and thus revives the skin.

      • For below the eyes, you can unquestionably utilize this product. Apply a thick layer of this gel on cotton and apply below the eyes. It would give a calming and cooling feeling, hydrate the sensitive eye area without turning the eyes watery and influence the eyes to look fresh. In any case, it won’t help genetic dark circles.

      • As a night cream, when you utilize a facial oil with it. Night creams are by and large hydrating than the day forms and you can include few drops of essential oils of your choice and utilize it. It is known to give desired results in colder months.

      • You can utilize this as a face mask also. Be it Fuller’s Earth or Besan or whatever other dry face pack, utilize this gel to dilute it and put it on the face. This gives results for slick and mix skin sorts.

      • Other uses include after shave body lotion and as a face primer.


      The Saundarya Aloe Vera Gel with Kesar Chandan is available in a handy tube with a yellowish flip open top. The tube is plushy, simple to deal with and transparent – which allows you to see through it. As per user feedback, the tube doesn’t leak or spill amid travel.

      The gel has a marginally runny consistency. It is yellow shaded and has the fragrance of Kesar and Chandan. The scent is mild yet you can without much of a stretch say it’s artificial. Notwithstanding, it refreshes your skin, gives a mitigating whiff !


      • Handy and travel friendly packaging

      • Said to give a shiny glow to your skin

      • Multiple uses

      • Affordable cost


      • Might not work for dry skin type

      • Not 100% herbal

      • Said to make an effect slowly

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