White Tone Face Powder- A Complete Review

White Tone Face Powder

White Tone Face Powder

White Tone




      floral fragrance



        • Brighten Up Skin Tone
        • Cheap And Easily Available
        • It is very long lasting


        • No Applicator
        • Not Travel Friendly

        White Tone Face Powder, a detailed review for you…

        JustInReviews under its beauty product segment would like to review the White Tone Face Powder for you. If you want to know more about this one, continue to read…

        About the product:

        Here comes the White Tone Face Powder having a soft shade formula. A face powder for skin.

        The odd thing about this face powder is that it accompanies no applicator. You need to make use of your hand, handkerchief or accompany your own device to apply it.


        This cosmetic product consists of Perfume Magnesium Stearate, Aluminium Starch Octenylsuccanate,Titanium Di Oxide,Talc, Mica, Alumina, Dimethicone/vinyl dimethicone Cross Polymer and Silica.


        Is available in a pink, cute plastic jar.


        The product costs Rs 100 for a 70 gm packing

        Consumer Experience:

        White Tone Face Powder is available in a bubbly plastic jar. The shade of the packing is exceptionally feminine and it will interest women belonging to all age gatherings, particularly those in their adolescents. This is what the users feel.

        Many liked its floral fragrance. Some were of the opinion that this powder is not ideal for those with dusky skin tone. Regular users of this beauty product have expressed the thing that very small amount of powder is sufficient. Applying in excess amounts would leave you appearing scary.

        Beauties with a fair skin complexion are expected to love this powder. It is said to be mattifying and limits the existence of minor flaws. It’s aroma is like a loose face powder that Ponds had come up with, a couple of years inside a white tub. Those who had utilized it and miss it will discover this product to be useful.

        Some think on the lines that the face does not feel overwhelming in the wake of applying the powder. It becomes difficult to utilize this powder while on the move since it accompanies no applicator and you’ll need to take this container and applicator independently. This powder is said not to be useful for touch-ups.


        Make use of small amounts of this powder during the first instance. Increment the amount based on your requirements from the second use onwards.


        • Fair skinned people can get flawless finish

        • Long lasting effect

        • Mattifying

        • Fragrance is good


        • Does not come with an applicator

        • Known not to suit every skin stone

        That was White Tone Face Powder for you, from JustInReviews. Stay tuned for more of health and nutrition reviews.


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