Apple TV Review: The Next Thing After iPhone, iPAD !

Apple TV

Apple TV



    Apple TV



      • Permits Third-Party Apps As Well
      • tvOS is a Major Improvement


      • Costly As Compared to Similar Devices
      • Bluetooth Remote Requires Enhancement

      This technology review from JustInReviews will throw light on Apple TV. The next thing from Apple after bringing iPhones and iPADs into our life!

      • First Look:

      The Apple TV was relatively revolutionary when it was launched in 2015. It accompanied a new touch remote and a completely new interface that nobody had seen some time recently.

      The Apple TV being referred to or, all the more absolutely, what Apple is addressing the new Apple TV, is the fourth cycle of a “hobby project” Steve Jobs began in 2006. Jobs’ goal was to come up with a dead-straightforward entertainment hub, one that could get to your media in a couple of easy steps.

      Talking about hard drive space, the new Apple TV is available in two flavors: an Apple TV and an Apple TV 4K. The sole contrast between the two happens to be the resolution.

      Both the variants of the new Apple TVs are driven by applications of every kind imaginable, not simply first-party ones any longer. Surprisingly, you’ll see the riches and power of the Apple App Store in the drawing room, and one hopes that once this latest technology system develops, it will be an incredible sight.

      • Design:

      How about we begin with some dimensions. The Apple TV is, once more, about double the height of the last cycle, however, not that wider with 1.4 x 3.9 x 3.9 inches/35 x 98 x 98mm (H x W x D).

      Discussing the exteriors, there’s not a ton to see on the box. There’s a little white LED indicator on the front of the unit and an Apple icon placed at the top. It’s about as moderate as an Apple-designed product has ever been, and that is something worth being thankful for.


      Turn the unit around and you’ll locate your standard 10/100BASE-T Ethernet, USB-C ports and HDMI 1.4, however, the port is utilized just for support and service. It’s not too energizing, truly, particularly considering the last Apple TV accompanied an optical sound connectivity.

      First of all you’ll locate a much-enhanced Apple A8 processor, a properitary chip the Cupertino organization utilizes as a part of the iPad Mini 4, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models. It additionally underpins 802.11ac Wi-Fi, which should offer speedier, continuous streaming for anybody upgrading from a more an older gadget.

      • Interface:

      The UI is categorized into three broad parts: one highlight bar which can store up to five applications and display real-time updates or featured content from those applications (the second part), and an area where whatever is left of the applications live underneath.

      The Photos, iTunes Movies, music, iTunes TV Shows and the Apple TV App Store applications begin off in the highlight row at first, however, these can be swapped out whenever by pressing and holding down the touchpad present on the remote.

      The interface is obviously iOS inspired. It puts applications on the front page, never concealing anything from viewing. Section-wise navigation feels like a natural process – regardless of the new Siri Remote’s buttons having confounding words or images on them.

      • Siri Remote:

      The primary attraction of the gadget however is the new Siri Remote. The remote, close by the new tvOS, are said to be the two most compelling motivations to pounce onto Apple’s living room device.

      In terms of features, the Siri Remote hosts a in-built microphone for Siri support and a matte finish touch pad, and in addition various sensors developers are as yet wrapping their heads around.

      • Performance:

      In case of a 1080p device, the new Apple TV appears to be sharp. The enhanced processor empowers a very smooth ordeal hopping amongst applications, and the enhanced antenna apparatus completes a superior job grabbing of a Wi-Fi signal and hanging on. There’s as yet buffering, obviously, however it feels less continuous than on past cycles of the TV.

      One of the reported major shortcomings of the framework is that it doesn’t bolster 4K, an element that both the new Roku 4 and Amazon Fire TV conveyed into the future generation of video boxes.

      Universal search happens to be a term that depicts the Apple TV’s capacity to navigate numerous sources for video content. Let’s assume you wish to watch the film Jurassic Park, for instance. Simply talk into the mouthpiece on the remote and Siri will pull up a film page for Jurrasic Park with each service the motion picture is at present on (the huge three right now being Netflix, iTunes and HBO Now).

      • Content:

      Initially, you’ll be shown the most recent hits on the iTunes Movie and TV shows and in addition be taken towards Music for all your audio wishlist.

      Move beyond the opening offerings and slew of Apple content and you’ll discover the epicenter of the new technology Apple TV, the App Store. On it you’ll see the customary stable of streaming video applications (HBO Now, Netflix etc.), and a considerable lot of the top US sports applications such as, Watch ESPN etc.

      To the extent content is concerned, there are still some big names missing from the rundown – CBS All Access and Sling TV spring to mind – however, on the whole, it’s not half-bad for the Apple TV’s week no. 2 on the market.

      • Apple AirPlay:

      AirPlay happens to be the Apple TV’s trick up its sleeve. While numerous of your most loved applications are still MIA on the new App Store, utilizing AirPlay is the simplest – and genuinely – sole approach to get to that content on Apple TV.

      • Price:

      The Apple TV (4K) costs approx Rs. 15,900 in India for 32GB and goes up to Rs. 17,900 for the 64GB variant.

      • Plus:

      – Permits third-party apps as well

      – AirPlay along with iOS devices

      – tvOS is a major improvement

      • Minus:

      – Costly as compared to similar devices

      – Bluetooth remote requires enhancement

      JustInReviews would continue to publish various product reviews for you.

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