Blackberry Key 2 Review: The Brand Makes A Grand Comeback !

Blackberry Key 2

Blackberry Key 2






      • Handy Speed Key
      • Number of Security Features
      • Enhanced Keyboard


      • Cameras Said To Be Average
      • Screen Constrained With Keyboard

      This smartphone review from JustInReviews will take you back to the Blackberry brand which has returned with the Blackberry Key 2. All the brand loyalists must be eager to know about this new launch. If yes, then read on….

      • Display and Looks:

      What is called as the more sturdier aluminum frame, appears subtle yet vital update in this case. It was reported too simple to twist and pop out the KeyOne screen

      The rear which happens to be a textured soft-grip, assists in gripping the phone. Compared to a glass phone, can be called less slippery and, in the event that it falls, the impact is said to be handled in a much better manner this time. Indeed, even without that exquisite all-glass finish, widely used on different gadgets, there happens to be an air of sophistication in terms of the cutting edge BlackBerry design.


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      You won’t be getting an upgrade with regards to the returning 4.5-inch LCD screen that is as yet obligated to an odd 3:2 aspect ratio. Certainly, the 1620 x 1080 resolution appears quite fresh, however 16:9 videos possess black bars towards the top and base with no alternative to fill the screen. It makes the keyboard-constrained screen look additionally small.

      • Keyboard:

      The 52-key keyboard incorporates all the most widely used keys, with a spacebar that goes about as the fingerprint reader (quite accurate) and camera lens. The Key2 has another key, named “sym” and termed as the Speed key; in fact, you press it with a letter, filling in as a shortcut between applications.

      There’s likewise gesture support that incorporates swiping to type — which is reported as innacurate and hard to tell which keys are perceived until the point that words show up on-screen — clearing a text field, scrolling and choice of text. In any case, in particular, does it feel like a BlackBerry Bold console? As per experts: no, it doesn’t.

      • Camera:

      The 12MP lens on the device is told to click fine photographs in sunlight and its 2x optical zoom being handy. Everything seems to have come with technology updates, compared to the KeyOne, and the 8MP front camera does likewise.

      • Battery Strength:

      The BlackBerry Key2 possesses a 3,500mAh battery, which means it skims 5mah off the highest point of the KeyOne’s 3,505mAh battery limit.

      • Technical Specifications and Performance:

      The BlackBerry Key2 is found to be sufficiently quick for majority tasks on account of its Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 chipset plus 6GB of RAM. Other options are 64GB and 128GB of internal memory, and you can increase that with the help of a microSD card slot to 256GB.

      Comparative outcomes were found from stress testing the phone using the GeekBench application and analyzing its multi-core scores. At its pinnacle, the average was 5,572. Notwithstanding, running the chipset a couple of times in succession brought down the score to a 4,903 and two more circumstances down to 2,779. That is the place that saw a fall in the performance.

      • Pricing:

      The starting price of the BlackBerry Key2 happens to be approx. Rs. 43,400.

      • Plus points:

      – Handy speed key

      – Number of security features

      – Enhanced keyboard

      • Minus points:

      – Cameras said to be average

      – Screen constrained with keyboard

      – Lower-version chip-set compared to rivals

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