Canon Vs Nikon : A Comparative Guide of these Camera World Giants !

You are going to simply love this camera technology review from JustInReviews. That’s because, here we will be comparing two of the camera world giants.

So, shall we begin?

While comparing Nikon versus Canon at the same time, there are a considerable measure of likenesses, such as strong picture quality and an extensive variety of accessories. However there’s a great deal of contrasts as well—some minor, others, not really.

  1. Speed factor:

Canon is known to have speedier top of the line DSLRs. The Canon EOS 7D Mark II costing $1,799 hits a magnificent 10 fps burst rate, no wonder it is one of the best DSLRs for sports photographers. Nikon’s quickest APS-C camera, then again, is equipped for 6 fps, the D7200 costing $1,199. Getting considerably further into the advanced choices, Canon’s full frame 1D X reaches 14 fps, where the comparative Nikon D4S gets 11 fps.

  1. Sensors:

Both Canon and Nikon offer gadgets fueled by same sized sensors. The greater part of Nikon’s most recent DSLRs utilize another sensor design that enables them to take out the optical low pass channel without a plenitude of moiré, or contortion within finer lines and patterns.

The majority of Nikon’s 2015 APS-C sensor cameras don’t utilize an optical low pass filter and a modest bunch of their full frame proficient models have disposed off it too.

Canon’s most recent DSLRs, then again, appear to be more centered around the megapixels. The majority of Canon’s DSLRs still make use of an optical low pass filter, however, there are choices like the Canon EOS 5DS R that manage without.


  1. Video quality:

Canon, customarily, has come up with better video quality sooner. They were the first ones to bring up a hybrid autofocus framework enabling the camera to refocus during video recording. Canon is famous for their better self-adjust following while at the same time recording, and they likewise have a choice of lenses meant particularly for video.

Nikon on the other hand has a few cameras with a 60 fps frame speed for smoother movement where the proportionate Canon has 30 fps. Canon generally offers the better quality video, however Nikon’s most recent technology updates put them significantly nearer.

  1. Performance:

Performance between the two brands is quite comparable, yet there are some discernible contrasts with regards to operating every camera.

There’s additionally frequently a huge contrast in battery life, with Nikons by and large ready to take more shots on a solitary charge. For instance, the Nikon D7200 has twofold the battery life of the same price ranged Canon T6S. That is not the situation with each model, in any case, as a general rule, Nikons have a superior battery rating.

Which one to go for?

A few factors to consider:

  • What kind of lenses would you love to have in your kitty?

  • What do you look for in a camera? Video quality, resolution or speed?

  • What are you getting at current experience and budget?

So, analyze these factors and then make a choice…

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