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  • Excellent use of game mechanics
  • Single player to experiment


  • More delay time

Gamers review of the ‘Prey-Mooncrash’…

JustInReviews is back and this time it would be taking you into the gaming arena through this technology review. Let’s explore the ‘Prey-Mooncrash’ and see what’s in store for the game lovers.

  • Game plot:

Mooncrash happens to be a side story, occurring post the base version. You are essaying the part of Peter, a hacker who works for TranStar’s main rival, Kasma Corporation. Peter has been supervising TranStar’s secret lunar base. Something’s turned out badly on the moon, and he needs to discover why by making use of simulations of five base members who made it off the base, at that point recording that information for Kasma.


  • Review:

What makes ‘Prey: Mooncrash’ a fresh stint? One can say the varied characters, this time around. Inspired from roguelikes such as Darkest Dungeon and Moonlighter, each playthrough comes with the facility of being randomly produced. This implies, foe positioning, ammunition areas, and where you can discover critical things such as health changes every time.

As far as the Prey game enhancements are concerned, they reach out to its execution of the roguelike types in terms of its shooter trappings. Things you acquire on each play-through are perpetual. So, in the event that you die or complete the targets of a solitary character, they can be utilized for the following getaway run permitting for feeling of advancement, each time you play.

On the story front, the game is said to consist of pleasant short stories that provide a little understanding of each character, similar to the security officer’s fellowship with a custodian who’s in fact a double-crossing Kasma agent. The stories contribute in making every playthrough more intriguing than simply getting out alive. You likewise need to finish specific story missions to unlock different characters.

Besides, Prey: Mooncrash is known to have resolved one of the complaints we had with the base variant — its over dependence on jump scares. In this one, you can’t get away from an area till the time you’ve tackled all the enemies in your surroundings. Upon reaching the gate that obstructs your exit provides you the rough area of where your rivals are, making it easier to track. Horror purists out there may feel this to be an annoyance, however, in the wake of playing Prey, it’s an appreciated development for the proceedings.

Speaking about the concerns, one can say that alongside its release came upgrades for the Xbox One X, thus ensuring a higher resolution and enhanced frame rate. While both were anticipated on Microsoft’s console, the loading times were found to be extended than expected, running near a minute, which reportedly made going back to action post character’s death, a bit annoying .

  • Technical details:

The download size of Prey: Mooncrash on different gadgets such as the Xbox One X is about 15GB, 20GB on PC and that on the PS4 Pro is 14GB respectively.

  • Pros:

– Varied characters

– No over dependence on jump scares

– Intelligent twist on roguelike formula

  • Cons:

– Delayed loading times

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