Google Pixel C Review: How’s The Tablet Experience?

Google Pixel C

Google Pixel C

Google Pixel C





      • Robust Design
      • Premium Build Quality


      • No touchpad

      Revealing the Google Pixel C tablet.

      In this technology review, JustInReviews will explore the Google Pixel C for you. All those interested in buying a tablet, can go through this review and gain information about this device.

      • Introduction:

      Google came up with the Pixel C alongside the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X. Yet, rather than collaborating with LG, Huawei or one of its past tablet accomplices, the Pixel C is designed altogether by Google, and produced by an obscure company in China. It happens to be an Android tablet – not a Chromebook having Chrome OS.

      • Design and build:

      As far as build quality goes, it’s quite a competition to the iPad, yet its design is more closer to the first-generation iPad than Air 2. Its square edges influence it to look thicker than it truly is (7mm) however, it’s moderately heavy at 517g. The iPad is 437g in weight.

      Google Pixel C

      The power button in the Google Pixel C is positioned upper left and the four dots in the center are microphones which let you utilize “OK Google” from the opposite side of the room.

      With stereo speakers, one on each side of the tablet when held in landscape, which forms the ‘default’ orientation, instead of an iPad’s portrait outline.

      The front camera is located midway in the top bezel, alongside a USB C port placed at the base of the left-hand edge. The volume rocker is positioned at the top of that very edge and on the opposite end is an earphone jack.

      At 10.2 inches the display is slight bigger than the iPad’s, however, it’s littler than the Surface 3 (10.8in), and a few inches littler than the iPad Pro and Surface Pro.

      • Keyboard review:

      It’s an optional accessory for this gadget. You can connect the tablet by laying it level on the magnetic pivot, at that point raise it up to your coveted angle so it would appear like a laptop. The magnets are known to be sturdy and the console will remain immovably joined in the event that you snatch the tablet’s top edge and lift it up.

      Google hasn’t endeavored to make the world’s most slender keyboard and has rather guaranteed that keys have quite good travel and feedback. In spite of the confined space accessible and a couple of missing keys (the ones you never utilize) it’s lovely to type on – at a work area – and not like Apple’s keyboard, it’s really a UK design with the £ and @ keys in their ‘right’ spots.

      It’s a tad heavy at 399g, and brings the aggregate weight to very nearly a kilo.

      • Display:

      It has an uncommon resolution that is 2560×1800, which results into an aspect ratio of 1:1.42 – similar to an A4 sized paper (or some other A-series paper). That is considered to be good. A few people will groan that it’s not 16:9 but rather until you’re going for the most part watch TV programmes, it won’t be a disadvantage.

      It utilizes the costly LTPS sort of IPS screen (Low Temperature PolySilicon for those that care). So, known to have good brightness, contrast and shading precision, it’s likewise power saving, so you can go longer duration between two charges.

      • Cameras:

      At the point when the need emerges, the Pixel C has a 8MP camera concealed in the corner on the back side. It will shoot crude 1080p video and average photographs. Quality is not bad for a tablet, but technology updates are welcome.

      On the front end, the 2MP camera is adequate for selfies and alright for Skype chats, or Hangouts as Google would lean towards you utilizing its own particular video service.

      • Battery and performance:

      In case of the Chromebook Pixel, the C is considered a standout amongst the most effective Android tablets we’ve seen. It’s the first one to utilize the Nvidia Tegra X1 chip, which is powered at 1.9GHz and has a 3GB RAM.

      All in all it’s fast, moving between applications effortlessly and by and large performing at the level you’d anticipate from a fresh out of the plastic top end tablet. It didn’t soften records up Geekbench, however, overseeing 4048 in the multicore 3 test. For your information, the Air 2 scored 4643.

      Google Pixel C hosts a 34.2Wh battery that is known to keep going ages.

      A handy element is that the lightbar on the rear side (which lights up with the blue, red, green, yellow Google hues) demonstrates the battery level when you do a double tap. It’s just a rough sign, yet it’s convenient in any case. It will show a red light when the battery level is low.

      In Geekbench 3’s battery rundown test, which testers executed keeping the brightness to 120cd/m2 (that is well beneath half on the Pixel C), it endured a shade more than 8.5 hours. That is a touch frustrating as Google asserts 10 hours of utilization. In the package, you get a ‘quick’ charger which charges the tablet from zero to right around 20 percent in 30 minutes. It needs around 3 hours to reach 70 percent, and around four hours for becoming fully charged.

      • Price:

      THE Google Pixel C tablet cost in India (dated 2018, February 8th) is said to be around Rs. 62490.

      • Pros:

      – Speedy performance

      – Battery life is upto the mark

      – Slim and sturdy design

      • Cons:

      – Camera quality

      – Heats up quite quickly

      – Tap-to-wake absent

      If all or most of this matches with your requirements, then you can go for it.

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