Honor Band 3 Review: An Activity Tracker For You !

Honor Band 3

Honor Band 3

Honor Band 3


    Fitness Tracker



      • Excellent battery life
      • Waterproof


      • Inaccurate GPS

      Hands on review of Honor Band 3.

      JustInReviews is back with a fitness product review in the form of Honor Band 3. Let’s check out as to what’s on offer.

      1. Design:

      There happens to be a rubberized band (that is available in orange, naval blue or black colours contingent upon how glorious you’re feeling when you choose to buy this) that connects with proprietary connectors to the main tracking unit.

      The gadget itself has a monochrome screen – it is OLED, but it seems that you’re not quite getting the excellent displays we get to see on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

      This one is a black and white screen built for buyer next to no power, and you can unmistakably observe each individual pixel.

      It’s delicate and soft rubber, sitting decently and cozily on the wrist, with no Microsoft Band-esque hard bends to stress about.

      The display appears clear and sufficiently bright, and the entire health tracking device just measures 18 grams, so it would really be genuinely simple to overlook you’re wearing it everyday.

      1. How does it work?

      It is not quite clear, yet, by what is known of it, upon tapping the button underneath the display in a split second flicks it between the screens – predicting that there are alternatives to perceive what number of steps you’ve taken every day or calories consumed, the technique for scrolling through the interface is known to be fresh and clean.

      1. What does it do?

      This latest technology device in Honor Band 3 can track your rest, screen a run or a swim, work out your calorie consume, observe what number of steps you’re taking or record your heart rate.

      Unfortunately – despite the fact that not by any means surprisingly at the cost – the Honor Band 3 does not host a GPS inside, so any runs will be worked out utilizing the three axis accelerometer, which is somewhat low-spec for the present motion-monitoring wearables.

      Honor figures that it’s in the same class as a chest strap with respect to accuracy in your heart beats each minute, in spite of the fact that it is at rest – it’ll be fascinating to perceive how that works out when you’re jogging alongside this tied to your wrist.

      It’ll carry out the job, however one questions whether this gadget will have the capacity to work out how far you’ve run or swum precisely – it’ll simply be a dubious metric that will enable you as you graduate to a more committed fitness product.

      The same can be said in regards to sleeping – beyond any doubt, it can tell how well you’ve slept and there’s recommendation from Harvard Medical Center on the best way to sleep better.

      1. Price:

      The Honor Band 3 is priced at Rs. 2,799 in India.


      – Comes at a cheap price

      – Less in weight

      1. Dislikes:

      – GPS is not available

      – Accelerometer appears to be underpowered

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