Honor View 10 Review: What’s Inside?

Honor View 10

Honor View 10

Honor View 10







        • On-trend 18:9 screen
        • Long battery life


        • No water resistance

        What’s inside the Honor View 10? Get to know.

        Interested in knowing what’s inside the Honor View 10? Then this smartphone review from JustInReviews, is just for you.

        In the event that the high costs of the present day top range phones influence you to feel somewhat squeamish, options such as the Honor View 10 ought to have your consideration. The Honor View 10 come at half the price of an iPhone X, yet at the same time offer top of the line features and a contemporary design.

        • Display:

        The gadget has got a 5.99-inch IPS LCD screen, with a stretched out Full HD resolution of 1080 x 2160. This screen is like that of the OnePlus 5T, with the exception that it utilizes a LCD panel instead of an OLED one.

        Colours appear to be great, the screen is sharp regardless of having far less pixels than a Samsung Galaxy S8, there’s scarcely any loss of brightness from one angle, and contrast is said to be good.

        Similar to other Honor devices, the View 10 additionally has a colour temperature wheel that permits you to make the screen look cooler or warmer, or give it a (marginally) more particular colour skew.


        • Design:

        There’s only a thin band of margin surrounding the display; like its adversaries, Honor has opted for less amount of wasted space. The Honor View 10‘s rear design is very different, however, more traditional and sober minded than some of this model’s costlier rivals. Its back is aluminum and, not at all like the old metal iPhones, the sides and back are separate parts.

        This latest technology device is very thin, notwithstanding. At 7mm thickness, it’s more slender than the iPhone X or Galaxy S8.

        An additional 0.7-0.8mm of piece wouldn’t hurt the View 10’s outline much, and would take into consideration a bigger battery and dodge the dual camera lenses standing out on the back – as it is they resemble a couple of Minion™ goggles.

        Ala the Honor 9, the View 10 has a fingerprint scanner on the front side, and it’s a pretty good one – it’s so speedy that you can barely trust it’s really examining your digit, and it’s said to be a delight to utilize.

        One of only a handful evident hardware penances of the Honor View 10 is water resistance. The phone comes with no official water resistance.

        • Camera:

        The View 10 comes with more megapixels consolidated than virtually any of the phones you can presently purchase: 49 of the things altogether. In any case, the camera is really one of the zones where you can have signs of better performance from one of the more costly options.

        At the rear of the Honor View 10 is present a bug-eye shaped camera lenses. One makes use of a 16MP colour sensor, the other a 20MP black and white sensor.

        Before we get too profound into image quality, one of the principle takeaways of the View 10 camera is said to be that it’s a great deal of fun for using. It comes with a virtually zero shutter lag, focusing is quite fast more often than not and you can shoot away with the help of the Auto mode and get (for the most part) quality shots throughout the day.

        • Battery power:

        The gadget has a 3,750mAh battery, which is of higher power than that of the OnePlus 5T (3,300mAh) and marginally lower than the 4,000mAh of the Huawei Mate 10.

        On an average day of utilization amid the week, which is harder than most given how we utilize our phones, the Honor View 10 winds up with around 30-40% charge remaining by sleep time.

        Honor’s own particular claims for the battery incorporate that it goes on for 5.5 hours long gaming, 19 hours video or 21 hours of 4G browsing. There are likewise various battery-saving settings, including reduction of the display resolution to 720 x 1440.

        The View 10 utilizes a USB-C port for battery recharge and as OnePlus, Honor puts to use a high current (as opposed to high voltage) solution. It requires 2 hours 10 minutes to recharge from zero level, with the phone switched on once it gains enough power.

        • Performance:

        The Honor View 10 runs Android Oreo with the Huawei-made Emotion UI (EMUI) interface glued on the top. This too happens to be in case of version 8.0, the same utilized by the Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro.

        Contrasted specifically and some other off late Android phones, the View 10’s interface style is said to be somewhat more abrupt, focusing speed and smartness over a smooth vibe. In any case, when hasn’t quickly felt good?

        EMUI is additionally more adjustable with respect to standard Android. You can pick what number of columns of icons to fit on your home screens and whether to utilize Android 7.0’s application update pips (these place small circles over application icons when they have in queue notifications), for instance.

        The gadget’s overall performance is said to be good. Indeed, even applications that haven’t been stacked into system RAM are fast to load, and the interface flies by as speedy as your fingers can.

        • Other features:

        These include 128GB of memory, the new technology and advanced Kirin 970 chipset likewise found in the Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro.

        • Price:

        Huawei Honor View 10 price range in India begins around Rs. 30,000.

        • Takeaways:

        – Comes with built in Artificial Intelligence

        – Slim and attractive design

        – Good battery performance

        • Giveaways:

        – Images captured are not up to the mark at times

        – Display has a blue tint that is easily visible

        – Is not equipped with a Gorilla glass

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